The Introductory Thingy

I’m jumping on the bloggy bandwagon. Even more importantly, I’m jumping on the infertility bloggy bandwagon. Are you excited yet?

Soon to come there will be tales and travails about my cervix, vag, fallopes,  eggies, cervical mucous (my favorite!), the husband’s spermies, and a general discussion of how awkward my husband feels every time we talk about any one of these things. It’s sort of fun.

I’ve been needing this because, as y’all might figure out shortly anyway, I’m from the South. And while I’m about as liberal and educated/open minded as it gets (okay, I don’t have  PhD, but I do have a masters. Thanks for rubbing that one in), my fellow towns folk/family would be some what scandalized by an in depth look into my, err, reproductive history (can you call it a “reproductive” history when there’s been no real reproducing? A question for another day). It just wouldn’t be lady like.

And we can’t have that, now can we. (If you knew me, you would know that that last line was said in my most deadpan of voices).

Since discovering how very barren I perhaps am (this is probably a slight exaggeration-I’ll explain eventually), I have since turned to the internet to fix all of my troubles. In doing so, I was lucky enough to stumble upon another blogger who is keeping the reproductive dream alive.. Unfortunately for Sunny I began using her blog as a sounding board for how much my life is le suck right now (that’s French for “the suck” in case you didn’t know). Then I thought-who the frack am I hijacking other people’s infertility vents? Fracking frackety fracker is what I am (No, I’m not afraid to cuss, but I just discovered my love of the word frack and I need to get it out of my system).

Also, I love parentheses in writing (a bit too much, honestly).

So anyway, here it is. The beginning of my bloggy adventure. You’ll find out more than you ever wanted to know soonish. You who doesn’t really exist yet (and if you do, that’s creepy yo. I just created this blog, like, five minutes ago. Creepity creep creep. Creepy McCreepy Creep.


8 thoughts on “The Introductory Thingy

  1. Frack! Love BSG 🙂 Welcome to the blogosphere! I live in NC and graduated from library school last year. I don’t work in a library currently, but it’s nice to meet another librarian!

    • Yes! I’m discovering there are lots of librarians out there in the blogging world (IF and non)! I’m working in a library, but not in my specialization, so I think it’s all sort of relative 🙂 Thanks for reading and for the warm welcome! It’s nice to have new internet peeps!

  2. Hello! I finally found a minute to come over to catch up on your story, and thought I’d comment on the very beginning. I hope that you’re finding both comfort and friendship in blogging – it is really amazing for that. I don’t know what I’d do without it!

    Happy ICLW-ing!

    • I am finding all of those things and more. I have noticed a significant change in my mood since I started blogging. It’s so much better than just using the message boards and forums on some of the fertility websites!

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