The Pro Con list of the IF world

So, it’s not really a pro con list. It’s the “did I or didn’t I” list. My immediate reaction to getting crosshairs on my chart was to throw it up here really quick and let you, my bleeps, weigh in. I think we’re all pretty much on the same page here which is to say W.T.F.

Anyway on the Pro/Did I side there is this:

1.) My ovary stopped hurting right around the time of the alleged ovulation

2.) I had a pretty good temp dip and then jump the day following the alleged ovulation

3.) I was sick and apparently a lot of women ovulate when they’re sick? Who knew…

4.) The extreme breast tenderness started around the alleged ovulation

On the Con/Didn’t I side of things

1.) My temps look like CRAPOLA compared to last month where I had a gorgeous triphasic chart

2.) I had some positive OPK’s after the alleged ovulation

3.) I had some watery CM after the alleged ovulation

4.) I just don’t FEEL like I’ve ovulated.

So I guess I’ll just wait it out. Again. If I really did ovulate when they think I did then I COULD have had an implant dip at 7 DPO. Again, this is all so doubtful it’s ridiculous. I’ll probably wake up tomorrow with a temperature so low I’ll doubt that I’m human. And if I did O my timing wasn’t great. We had sex the day before and two days before that, but not again until two days after. But in my defense MY BODY HAS BEEN FUCKING WITH ME THIS MONTH HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW AND SOMETIMES GODDAMNIT YOU’RE JUST FREAKING TIRED.

I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I am actually pretty zen about all of this. Really. I swear.


4 thoughts on “The Pro Con list of the IF world

  1. I am really crap at looking at charts so I will be useless for you in that department. I find you hilarious though so I wanted to comment anyway. Love reading your blog.

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