Raise your hand if you LOVE getting updates about my lady parts! I know you’re all out there screaming “ME ME ME ME ME!” and jumping up and down. And bleeps, that’s why I love you.

Chief and I watched the Avengers for the first time tonight (we were super busy when it came out in theaters and he’s been dying to see it) and towards the end I started to notice a distinctive achyness in the vicinity of le uterus (that’s French for “the uterus”, except it’s not. I don’t know-maybe it is.) No bleeding yet and maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I THINK my period is coming-and considering that I didn’t ovulate and this cycle could drag itself out in a Hellish way, that would be the most awesome thing. On the downside of this I have a sort of important phone conference in the morning and dinner/drinks with an out of town friend tomorrow evening, but I’ll deal with all of that if my uterus will just BLEED. Please please please uterus!

Also, my breasts don’t hurt as much as they have. A good sign maybe? Perhaps I can give Chief good news about his second and third favorite girls. This is his first favorite.

The best part is that it’s CD 36 and last month I got my period on CD 37 (also, despite what WordPress says, it’s still Monday where I am). I had to check my FF calendar to verify this so maybe despite the fact that this cycle is totally anovulatory my body is trying to at least be consistent in it’s shittiness. I consider that something to be grateful for. Sort of. And this next month I am demanding the trigger so I am determined for it to be more successful.

So anyway, that’s all I have to report for this Monday. Hoping for a good healthy bleed tomorrow. NEVER ever thought I’d hope for that…


6 thoughts on “We have CRAMPING!

  1. i was going to go for the peppy ‘Let’s go u-ter-us, let’s go!’ but from the sounds of it, you need the whistle-around-the-neck, screaming-into-the-megaphone, vein-bursting-out-of-the-eyeball ‘Come on! Are you a uterus, or are you a weak little bitch? bleed, damn you, bleed!’

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