Lying Bitch of a Uterus and Temping Liberation

So, on one side of things, my uterine lining is still very much in tact. The cramping was all a big lie, a ruse with no purpose other than to get my hopes up. I’m going to wait two more weeks at the most, and then I’m calling for Provera no matter what that nurse says. I know they can deny it, but I feel like if I’m a pain in the ass maybe they’ll do what I want. What does it matter if I take Provera in two weeks or four? At this point, I can’t think it matters much.

On the upswing, I have liberated myself from temping for the rest of this cycle. It’s obvious I’m not going to ovulate so why should I wake up early every day even when I don’t have to be up to take my temperature? So this morning I didn’t and it feels awesome. Of course I’ll go back to temping when I start a new cycle, but for right now I’m going to enjoy the time off. I’m not going to look at my Fertility Friend account or anything like it until I start bleeding. I’m taking a mental health….week or two from TTC in general, although I’ll still be taking my supplements of course. All of this rebellion has me feeling like a PCOS badass. This song is on loop in my wackadoodle brain today:

Just imagine that the “they” Muse is referring to are my ovaries/ute. It makes it funnier.

Speaking of, my Pregnitude should be arriving today! I’ve been taking the Inositol in pill form but this means I’m taking six a day so I’m pleased to be done with that! The Inositol does make me feel better, so that is also quite thrilling. I’m still sort of sleepy, which leads me to tell you of what I am most proud of my little bleeps. I have been Coke free for six days. I am a cold turkey. Just iced tea and water and skim milk for me! I don’t know why I ever go back to my Coke drinking ways, because I always feel better when I’m done with the stuff. I’m still dealing with how the lack of sugar and caffeine is affecting my energy levels, but I know eventually that’ll level out too.

So anyhoo, that’s the world of librarian today. Not terribly interesting.  Stay strong ladies of lackluster lady parts.


6 thoughts on “Lying Bitch of a Uterus and Temping Liberation

  1. Ladies of lackluster lady parts- ha! Nice- and sadly totally true.

    I’m sorry to hear that your cramping was a ruse. I agree that you should call for the Provera sooner rather than later.

    DId your doctor suggest Pregnitude? Or how did you hear of it?

    • My doctor suggested being my own advocate and researching things but checking with him before I start them. So pregnitude was my idea but he said it wouldn’t hurt and the studies on it look promising.

  2. Don’t take no for an answer and get yourself some provera! well done on temping liberation. I must admit, with the fact that for me temping is just for own knowledge of my cycle’s sake and not actually to conceive I am edging closer daily to giving it up altogether! Throw away the Thermos!!

    • I can totally understand you wanting to stop Arwen Rose. I just don’t see any point in it for me this cycle. I’m not going to throw a fit for the provera yet because I’m still below 40 days for this cycle, but once I hit 50 it’s on and that doc better cough up the goods. I’m having more light cramping today and my tummy has been troubled (which often happens when I’m about to menstruate) so I have high hopes. But in the interest of full disclosure I should say that it’s time to do laundry and I am….underwearless in a dress today so sweet holy fallopian tube please let the menstruating at least wait until I get off work at 3:30.

      • And bring on a period it did! I went to the bathroom about two hours before work was over and discovered my…err…good fortune, but luckily it wasn’t at all heavy at that point so I made it home easily with no trouble. I even had to teach a cataloguing class that afternoon!

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