Freaky Fertility Friend Friday

Good Morning Bleeps! Your menstruating moderator is ready to fill you in on ALL OF THE THINGS.

Well, all of the things that happened since yesterday. It’s going to be a day of much busy-ness so I wasn’t sure if I’d have time to get back here.

First off, Fertility Friend is freakin’ me out man. Despite the fact that this past cycle was a wackadoodle failure and ended several days later than my last one when I logged into FF yesterday to tell it that I was bleeding (yay!) it had already predicted that I would have CD1 yesterday. How did it know?! I don’t have regular cycles and it told me it would take three regular cycles to make accurate predictions. It was spooky. It’s like FF has a tracking device inside my uterus or something.



My period has turned into much more of a period than it was yesterday, so yes bleeps, I am officially wearing underwear. Damn laundry day. I’m also having deeeelightful cramps today that made me want to take a sick day, but I have two class visits this afternoon that someone else would have to handle for me, so I am here and surviving. When I’m menstrual I crave all of the bad things. The salty, sugary, processed food bad things. Plus Coke (a cola). I didn’t give in on the Coke (you may all virtually high five/slap my behind with pride now) but yesterday I skipped out on bowling night with Chief and asked if afterwards he would go to the frozen food section and get all of the things that are bad for me. I am proud to say that that man came home with taquitos, pizza rolls, Ben and Jerry’s, a snicker’s bar, chocolate milk AND flowers. This is why I keep him ladies. His parents might be certifiably insane, but this is why I keep him. I will be as big as a house when this is all said and done, but at least I’ve got Chief.

I’ll pick up my Clomid tomorrow and start taking it Monday. Next weekend we’re going to a football game and then the Tuesday following that is my ultrasound, so I expect these next few weeks to fly by 🙂

Also, in the world of non IF related things I just finished this book. It was AMAZING. I stayed up until 1:30 am finishing it. It is super chilling and sort of creepy, but also quite gripping. I’ve also read this series by her, which is very, very excellent-and also creepy. If you’re looking for some good reads these are for you. And that’s it folks, straight from the librarian’s mouth.

Happy (in)Fertile Friday 🙂


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