Spend ALL the money!

Yesterday Librarian and Chief spent ALL the money at Lowe’s. Or $2500. It sure felt like all the money.

Something you may not know about our house is that it is CRAP. Well, half of it is crap. Half of it we’ve done a really good job remodeling as we’ve had money. But the kitchen is horrible (and in my head I’m pronouncing that as whore-ee-blay, emphasis on the whore). Kitchen’s are lots of money to remodel, so we knew we couldn’t do it on a part time librarian’s salary and a full time motorcycle dude/national guard salary. Since we got our house on the cheap (we paid right around 50% of what it appraised for) we qualified for a line of credit from all the extra equity.

The biggest mistake anyone ever made was giving Librarian $20,000. We’re using a huge chunk of it to pay off credit cards (around half of it is going to that I’m sad to say) because within the past two years we’ve both been unexpectedly unemployed and our credit card debt sky rocketed as a result. Shit happens I guess, but the interest rates were killing us. So yeah, HELOC at 3.75% is rocking our socks off and literally saving my hair from being pulled out on a regular basis. Plus we need to get the kitchen done before we have a baby (I refuse to think “if” anymore) or we’ll never do it.

We had a pretty lucky day yesterday. First of all, we went to Lowe’s and had an awesome cabinet guy who went to school with my stepdad and was also the dad of a girl I went to school with (who unexpectedly got pregnant three years ago-yes, the irony is not lost on me). He found us floundering in the cabinet aisle and hooked us up on the computer. Librarian does not have a spatial mind. Geometry physically hurts me, so I basically told husband and stepdad what I wanted if all possible and what I couldn’t deal with and let them play. Then momma and I went to pick out flooring and a stove (which I did NOT intend to buy yesterday, but they were having 10% off for Columbus day and I get another 10% for military discount, plus 18 months interest free so how could I say no?) and when we came back poof! It was all laid out. We’re buying unfinished cabinets and painting them cream ourselves because finished cabinets are BIG MONEY.

We also got really lucky that one of the little junior manager fellows has sort of a crush on me (Chief didn’t like this until it worked to our advantage). We had picked out the flooring we wanted. It was Swiftlock Oak that was $0.99 a square foot, but when they plugged it into the computer they were completely out of stock in store AND the warehouse, so we went back over to the flooring section and I said in passing “we really liked this flooring too but it’s twice as much and really out of our price range…” cue batting of eyes and slight sticking out of chest and bada bing! Junior manager fellow gives us the more expensive flooring for the cheaper flooring price.

So anyway, for all the oak cabinets (which there were 18 of them, geez), 320 square feet of flooring, the underlayment for the flooring AND a frigidaire gas oven and range with FIVE (count ’em five) burners the grand total was:


I don’t think I’ve ever swiped a card for that much money before, but my folks and Chief kept reassuring me that for everything we got that was an amazing price. We’re ordering oak butcher block countertops today for $1500 and then after that I’m hoping to keep all the odds and ends we need under $2000. My goal was to not spend more than $6000 on the kitchen. I think I can do it.

In IF news the period officially ended yesterday and the Clomid starts back up today. I just took my first dose of 100 mg which I will of course take until Friday. I’m still doing the Pregnitude but I’ve got to remember to drink my evening dose with dinner instead of right before bed because drinking iced tea right before bed is not copacetic with good sleepy time.

Saturday we’re going to a football game that’s about 3 hours away with my favorite cousin and her husband. I’m looking forward to it. We definitely need a bit of a break. Tomorrow I’m going to pack up the kitchen so Chief can start demo-ing. We’re hoping to demo gently so we can donate everything salvagable to Habitat for Humanity. I’m hoping that all the manual labor in my future will be enough to tempt the IF gods into knocking me up, making it super difficult to explain to my folks why I’m serving lemonade and doing laundry while they’re helping Chief do everything. Please IF gods, let me tempt you!



14 thoughts on “Spend ALL the money!

  1. Oh I know-me too. We’ve been super bad about taking before AND afters. Usually we just take the afters LOL, but I’ve got a ton of befores and I will post it all when we’re done. we’re hoping to be finished before Thanksgiving so I can make a million pies (that’s what I do 🙂 ).

    I can’t show you the before pictures now because I don’t want you to picture me living squalor. I will post the squalor pictures AFTER I have the beautiful new kitchen pictures to make you feel better about me trying to bring a child into this world.

  2. Ooooh…I am jealous! We are working on our kitchen too, but doing more of the piecemeal approach. My husband would be super jealous of the butcherblock countertops too. 🙂 Hope Clomid treats you much better than she did me, because I hated it so much!

    • Yeah, we had thought about doing it piecemeal, but all of ours is so bad that we just wanted to go ahead and do it with gusto! I’m in love with the countertops. I’m so nervous they’ll run out of them before I can order them because my banker appears to have the day off so I don’t know who to call about moving the HELOC funds into my account for this! Eep!

  3. Yes! Makeover! We need pictures!

    Good luck with the clomid and trigger this month. (I’m so glad I decided to do the trigger with my cycle. I think it made the difference.) And yes, you need to get knocked up, if for no other reason than to get out of heavy lifting!

    • LOL if I could make some deal with the universe that involved me getting knocked up I would still be willing to do heavy lifting as long as the aforementioned universe told me it wouldn’t hurt the baby! I have attempted to make deals with the universe in the past….it hasn’t worked out for me.

      I’m hoping for good things for the trigger too. I’m so glad it worked for you-was this your first trigger?

  4. Oh, what fun to do a kitchen reno! We did one back in our condo in Florida, and pretty much did everything ourselves. It was exhausting but so satisfying in the end! I admit to being totally jealous of your 320sqft kitchen. That’s almost 1/2 of my whole apartment!

    Good luck with the clomid!

    • If it makes you feel better, the kitchen is actually quite small. Most of that is the dining room, but the two are connected and have the same horrific flooring so they both needed to be redone. Our kitchen is about the same size as the one I had in my 500 sq ft apt in college 🙂

      Thanks 🙂 Hoping for good things-also, your comment just reminded me to go take it!

  5. You guys got a great deal on your cabinets- nice job! Going through my own whole-home reno myself (I occasionally post pictures, but progress is slow-going) I know what you are about to go through. Hopefully you get knocked up and can cheer everyone from the sidelines. 🙂 Good luck!

    • It is sort of exciting 🙂 Sometimes I can’t really believe that I’m a homeowner. I feel much to young for it and then I realize that I’m in my mid twenties. Sometimes I still think I’m 17 year old librarian.

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