Apologies, Home Improvement, and Ovidrel

First of all, let me apologize for my absence. My Thursday post was heavy and I meant to follow it up with a more light hearted one on Friday, but I had a horrible, horrible day at work that I don’t even feel comfortable talking about yet (I will tell you when I can, but for my own job safety I think I need to keep it zipped just in case). At any rate, I was an emotional mess Friday night and had to do a lot of stuff in the kitchen, so there was no blogging happening.

Then Saturday we drove the three hours for a football game that got called due to rain. Yes, seriously. This is my life now.

Sunday was work work work on the kitchen, which is now completely devoid of floors and cabinets, and in some places walls. We got some major plumbing repair done-later I’ll post a picture of something very shocking. Your jaws will drop I assure you Today we have to rip out more walls and sweat some copper for the new plumbing valves. Then tomorrow my brother-in-law is coming to do our electrical and my mom and stepdad are coming to do new subfloor. Saturday I think we’ll install the gas line and put the drywall up and hopefully get the BEAUTIFUL floors that came in installed (or at least started) Sunday we’re painting cabinets and hopefully finishing the floor. It sounds optimistic, no?

Anyway, in fertility news things are looking really good. I saw my doc today and my uterline lining is nice and thick and my dominant follicle is 24 mm and today is day 13. When I was on 50 mg Clomid it only got to 19 mm on day 16 (still not bad), so he was really psyched about 24 mm. We did do a trigger shot of Ovidrel today. I had to call five different pharmacies to find someone who had some-apparently it’s back ordered at the factory right now. He said I should ovulate in about 36 hours, so here’s my question: if I did the trigger at 10:00 am, should we sex it up tonight or in the morning? The morning would still be under 24 hours-so we could even wait until tomorrow night which seems like optimum 36 hour timing, but I have a huge fear of my body breaking all the rules and ovulating tonight or something. And I know that a lot of people just have sex like crazy in the 36 hours after a trigger, but I’ve read that having sex less than 36 hours apart leads to less sperm. So, advice? Please tell me when and how to have sex with my husband. I’d love to have a new kitchen and a new baby.

So I ran around like a chicken with her head cut off going to the doctor, then the pharmacy, then back to the doctor. Then I had to drive to a town thirty minutes away to get some backsplash that is out of production but they had some stock of there. Then I stopped at Starbucks to eat (because by this point it was 11:00 am and I hadn’t eaten anything.) Then I had to get gas, head back to where I work to pick up a resume I printed off and forgot, head to the post office to mail said resume and then drive the twenty minutes home, all to make it here by noon-and why must I be home by noon? Because my stove is being delivered today between 12:00 and 4:00 (which might as well be as vague as between December and February). Now that I’ve broken many, many traffic laws as well as many laws of physics to get here in time for the alleged delivery window, the stove probably won’t be delivered until 7:00 or so.
Also, my house is, quite literally, squalor. I have boxes of kitchen stuff EVERYWHERE. Sawdust EVERYWHERE. My kitchen table is in my living room (which is not a big living room) I have flooring spread out between three rooms so it can acclimate, I have old and new cabinets downstairs waiting to be dealt with, and I have four very stressed cats. The great news is it’s made sex a lot more spontaneous and fun-much better than the trying to conceive monotony. Maybe this kitchen renovation will get me pregnant.


How are your lives my lovelies? I hope you’re still out there even though I left you alone in the bloggy wilderness for a few days.


7 thoughts on “Apologies, Home Improvement, and Ovidrel

  1. With our last cycle, my husband and I got busy the night of the trigger and the night after. I had a 23mm follicle and I was worried that because it was so big, it might pop early, so I thought it best to do the deed the night of. The next night was rinse and repeat, just to be on the safe side. And apparently it worked for us.

    Whatever you decide to do, I wish you much luck!

  2. K and I had a lot if sex during our renovations. Something about the frustration and our stuff being strewn across the house in a refugee fashion made it interesting. Sex it up and get you a bebe, girl!

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