One Year

Still no sign of ovulation. MAJOR temp dip today which I guess could be it (almost went down a full degree t0 96.7), but I’m really not even concerned about it today.

Today, my Chief and I have been married for a year. One year out of my twenty-four on this earth so far. And while I can’t say it’s been perfect-it’s been close.

I just woke up today and was so glad that he chose me. I watched him getting dressed, petting our cats, taking care of the dogs, taking care of me and I felt overwhelmed with a sense of gratefulness. If I never get pregnant I still have him. I would rather be barren with Chief than fertile with anyone else. Thank all the goodness in the world that Chief looked at me a year ago today and said “I choose you”.

Thank all the goodness in the world I chose him too.

Happy Anniversary Chief.


11 thoughts on “One Year

  1. So, I’m really late, but I wanted to say that your wedding pictures are beautiful! I love your dress – especially the shoulders – and your flowers. I’m a sucker for orange!

    Happy 369 (oh, actually it’s a leap year, so 370!) days of marriage!

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