The House that Fought Back

I have decided that after weeks of successful progress on kitchen renovation, the house has decided to fight back. Sunday was a debacle of massive proportions in regards to painting cabinets and then last night was a debacle of massive proportions in regards to painting the new ceiling. It’s bizarre, because Chief and I are really experienced painters! Every room in this God forsaken house has had to be painted with many, many coats of paint due to nicotine (thank you jackass father in law). You’d think that the painting would be the one part we could rock at.

Apparently, this is not the case.

So anyway, Librarian and Chief are beginning to feel rundown by the reno. It’s a good thing I’m past my alleged fertile window because I am bone tired-and that is NOT a euphemism.

Also, here is what I’ve decided.

I’m done with temping. I can’t stand it anymore. I was supposed to have a sure chance of ovulating this month because of that damn trigger and my temps are so unconvincing that it’s pissing me off. Because if I can’t ovulate on a trigger then I just can’t ovulate-and there is NOTHING that staring at low, sad temps is going to fix. So I’m done. Maybe the battery in my thermometer is going bad. Maybe it’s an old thermometer and I need a new one. It has been freakishly cold in the evenings/mornings where we live and I don’t want to turn the heat on because it’s still getting into the low 80’s in the day time-so maybe that’s causing some temp mishaps. I REFUSE to believe I didn’t ovulate. I had a 24 mm gorgeous specimen of a follicle and paid $118 for 250 mg of Ovidrel-I ovulated GODDAMNIT!

Moving on, Stupid Stork asked for a paranormal story from us (she is a cruel task master-isn’t she? I skipped out on the vlog challenge because I knew I wouldn’t have time-similar to ICLW this month). I really don’t have any, but I have one that’s slightly related and sort of funny.

Ahem. When I was 13 my parents bought a huge craftsman style home in Downtown SuchandSuchville where we lived. It was nearly 100 years old and the original owner/builder had passed away peacefully many years ago in the house. The first night that we moved in my parents had some fancy shmancy work party to attend, and I had a friend over to help me unpack. Probably the combination of two teeny-bopper girls + super huge old house + parents turning off all the lights in the house before they left + old house creaky sounds made us a little jumpier than we would be normally, but at any rate we were convinced that someone or SOMETHING was in the house. So we started to creep down the stairs and we heard a thump. The first thing that my friend (who I’m still friends with BTW-we have lunch once every few weeks) grabbed was a small dinky pop out umbrella, and I grabbed a spray bottle of 409. That is how we were going to defeat the ghost. Cleaning him to death/startling him with a pop-out umbrella. The ghost was probably one of our cats. That’s as paranormal as my life has ever been. Supposedly one of the library’s I’ve worked in has been haunted, but I’ve never seen any evidence of that.


10 thoughts on “The House that Fought Back

  1. Kitchen renos suck! There is a reason ours took a year: they are hard and you eventually get fed up and choose to ignore the fact that your counters are plywood and your floors are sub straight! Maybe you need a little break (Not a year, but a week or so) to let the house sit and think about itself. Good luck!

    • We’re taking sort of a break over the next few days. We hung drywall today, so all I can do for the next few days is sand and then re-mud. Only having to work every 8-10 hours for about 30 minutes at a time sounds awesome to me right now. Then on Sunday we’re hanging cabinets!

  2. I’m sorry that the reno is making you feel rundown. I know EXACTLY how you feel. We have decided to take a full weekend off of doing demo stuff and just do FUN stuff- luckily this is the weekend and we are headed to MI with my parents. 🙂 I definitely think that you should step away from home improvement in order to keep your sanity.

    I gave up on temping months ago. The early morning beeping just pissed me off (and I wasn’t very good about remembering to do it before I got up every morning).

    • This rundown feeling is sucky. It’s hard when you can’t see when your next nap will be, thought I tentatively have one scheduled for 4:00 pm on Saturday after I get off work (and put another coat of drywall mud on).

      We’re going to St. Louis for a Rams game in mid november, so our goal is to be done by then (so much to look forward to)! Then I have the WHOLE WEEK OFF of Thanksgiving, so all I’m going to do is stay home and become enormous cooking and eating delicious fall foods.

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