Health Insurance Updated Again

So, we had our insurance meeting at work today and here’s the sitch:

The new insurance (Health Advantage) will cover 50% of infertility diagnostics and testing, but no treatment. They do not have any RE’s in network, but if my doctor says I need to see one they will make an exception and most likely cover the one that he refers me to. I’ll have to work with a case manager on this, but she said since Infertility is covered that it shouldn’t be an issue covering the doctor who treats it (seems like a no brainer to me….). Tricare Humana, however, covers 85% of IF diagnostics, testing, and treatment up to ART, which they don’t cover (big surprise). BUT, this means I could start taking metformin or injectables if need be and have that covered. I pay 15% up to the $1000 catastrophic cap (which I think is their fancy military term for deductible).

I stayed after the meeting and talked to the HA lady, and she said that what would happen is they are my primary insurance by default, so the doctor would bill to them first. Then whatever got rejected and sent back would be billed to Tricare Humana. Then whatever got rejected after that would be sent to me. Basically, this means that I won’t have to pay very much at all for the basic care that I need. Once we get to IUI/IVF (God willing, we won’t) then it’s all out of pocket again, but this is really good news peeps. Really, really good.

The bad news is for Chief that his insurance costs go from $53.00 a month just for him to $195.00 a month to cover me and any future family. It’s nothing to complain about really, but I feel bad being so high maintenance.

I am no well-oiled machine, that is for sure.



I know, I know, Librarian has already posted today, but I had lunch with a dear friend and the topic of you, my bloggy friends, came up. In the interest of full disclosure, I revealed my bloggy self to this real-life person. Her voice got very quiet and she said in hushed tones “how can I find your blog?”, so I revealed myself to her completely. And then I told her about you. That makes two real-life people I’ve felt comfortable enough with to tell the truth to. That’s probably where it will end. But I have no concern that either of these people would ever betray me-they’re way too good of people for that.

I started out by saying how I had stumbled across this amazing group of women when I first started Dr. Googling my IF woes. I talked about how amazing you all were, and all the battle’s you had been through individually and, in a way, collectively. I talked about the scars that this experience leaves on us. I compared you all to 10 foot Amazons, because that’s genuinely how I think of you. And then the word came to mind that perfectly represented how I feel about all of you.

Warriors. You are all warriors, Amazonian, 10 foot tall, scarred but strong warriors.

I tried to find an image of this, but everything in the google search was naked women who had been shot with arrows….so…err…yeah. Check that out if you want.

Anyway, mad props ladies.


I know I’ve left you all wandering alone in the wilderness. I’m so sorry. It was a very busy week once Thanksgiving kicked in. I am now esconced back in the real world of work and other such nonsense, so much blogging shall occur forthwith. Or something.

I’m something like CD 11 and last night I really started feeling some pains in the ovarian region. I especially notice this when I poop. You’re welcome. Anyone else notice ovarian pain then? I never had it before I was on the Clomid. Of course, this month I’m not on the Clomid, but I’ve heard I may get a freebie month of ovulation. Or for me, it’ll be a freebie month of thinking I’m going to ovulate and then not ovulating at all. My tummy has also been quite upset with me lately. Probably all the bad Thanksgiving food.

I had to get a new military ID yesterday and the picture came out looking like a mug shot. It was horrific and my chin completely disappeared because I’m so pale and the photo is black and white. This sent me into a downward feeling bad about myself spiral that lasted most of the day. We also had to buy a new Christmas tree yesterday because my artificial pre-lit one I’ve had since college officially called it quits. The top part would only partially light up. It was a sad day. Our new tree is one of those that has pine cones and looks REALLY real, but I didn’t realize when we bought it that the lights are “sparkling”. What this means is they never. stop. blinking. Chief basically said “deal with it” because I think he’s tired of hauling trees around. It’s growing on me I guess, but it would send an epileptic to the hospital I’m certain.

I’ve also applied for a job that I’m certain I won’t get. I’ve applied for so many recently with no calls even for interviews. I know I should be grateful that I have a job, and it’s not a bad job. But I got  my master’s degree for a reason, so I’m ready to use it.

In bad news, Chief’s commissions got cut by 25% at work. His base pay will stay the same and it’s the majority of his income, but the commissions make up about a third of the pay, so it amounts to about $100-200 a paycheck. BUT, his military job just came back open so he’s going to apply for that. AND he’s decided to go back to school in January which I’m so proud of him for, and he’ll get a $600 a month stipend from the VA for going to school so that might help.

So yeah. Lots of blah news today. How are your lives bloggy friends?

New Health Insurance-UPDATED!!!

So I just got an email from the accountant at work saying that we’re getting new health insurance. This made me panic in my heart a little considering everything that’s going on (or not going on in my ute) because whether my doctor can help me or not, I’m relying on him to help guide me to the next phase of treatment next year. He had RE’s to recommend to me and was going to run the final tests that he could run before sending me on. Luckily he’s still covered.

Anyway, I emailed our accountant asking to see the schedule of benefits. She didn’t have it yet but said she’d have it next week. I told her I had some specific medical situations that I was concerned about being covered and guess what she said guys. Guess. Guess guess guess!

She said that if something I needed wasn’t covered she would talk to the new insurance company to see if we could add it. I’m trying not to get too excited about this because it’s still a long shot-but it’s something! Even if they would cover half the costs of an RE it would be SUCH a huge difference from covering absolutely nothing at all. I didn’t want to talk to her about all of this via email and I’m on vacation for the week, but next Tuesday I’m going to go talk to her about what’s been going on. She knew before I was having some lady troubles and was sympathetic, so I’m sure she knows what sorts of things I’m going to need.

I’m just really grateful to work for a place that is willing to try to make this happen for me. Even outside of getting pregnant, I want to have normal cycles and I feel like I’m entitled to that and shouldn’t have to ask my insurance company to make it happen. I want to know whether or not I need metformin. I want someone who KNOWS whats wrong with me and the best way to treat it. Shouldn’t an insurance company cover that?

Anyway, I’m slightly hopeful that things could be going better for me insurance wise. Finger’s crossed ladies!




Guys. GUYS. Shit just got real.

The Battle Plan

Okay troops, here’s the battle plan.

I am picking myself up and making myself feel better. Whether myself wants to or not. And the only way I can do that is by doing something.

Now that I’m done with treatment for the year, I’m going to try some of the more natural remedies I’ve heard so much about. So here is my regimen:

2 packets of Pregnitude a day

200 mg of Soy Isoflavones days 4-8 (started today)


Here’s were I need some help. I don’t know how to take the Vitex. I’ve read so many different things. I’ve read to take it all during your cycle. I’ve read to take it up until ovulation, I’ve read to take it only after ovulation. I don’t know how many milligrams or when to take it. Any help with this ladies?
I’m strictly restricting my fluids to water, juice, tea and non-fat organic milk (and occasionally chocolate milk, because holy kittens I love it). NO MORE SODA. I just can’t believe that soda is helping-and it certainly cant hurt to cut it out. I may drink coffee too to help with the obscene caffeine headaches I have.

Chief is going to look into whether or not his Tricare Reserve Select covers an RE in any way shape or form. I’m going to talk to my insurance company and see what they say. If they’ll cover ANY part of an RE-even as a small out of network percentage type deal, then I’m going to call some of the RE’s office in my area and talk to them about costs and how they handle billing and such. If an RE is still out of the picture, then I’m going to try an OBGYN that my friend who has had two miscarriages recommended to me. She said that she started seeing her after the second MC and she was very proactive and ran every test under the sun to figure out what was causing her MC’s-and she actually did figure it out. And my friend and I have the same insurance (she’s a coworker) so I know it would be covered. This doctor sounds like a rogue OBGYN who is actually willing to be PROACTIVE. I like my OBGYN-I just think that he doesn’t really know where to go from here. He admitted to me early on that Clomid was the end of his IF expertise. At least he’s never lied to me.

I’m also going to up the fruit and veggie intake by a lot. Now that I can cook again this should be a lot easier.

And I’m not making any promises-but there may even be some exercising. I can tell you right now that during the holidays I won’t have time for much. But maybe 2-3 times a week. And anyway, over-exercising wouldn’t help anyway.

So yes-that is the plan. I haven’t decided whether or not to temp right now while I’m trying all these new things. I feel like I should to see if it’s working, but that brings back in a certain level of stress I was trying to get away from. So what do you guys think? Vitex? Temping?

Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive. My troubles in comparison to so many of yours are virtually nothing, and yet you’ve treated me with respect and kindness. You’ve never made me feel like I don’t deserve to feel sad like many others have. Thank you for sharing your time with me. You all have the most beautiful souls.