New Health Insurance-UPDATED!!!

So I just got an email from the accountant at work saying that we’re getting new health insurance. This made me panic in my heart a little considering everything that’s going on (or not going on in my ute) because whether my doctor can help me or not, I’m relying on him to help guide me to the next phase of treatment next year. He had RE’s to recommend to me and was going to run the final tests that he could run before sending me on. Luckily he’s still covered.

Anyway, I emailed our accountant asking to see the schedule of benefits. She didn’t have it yet but said she’d have it next week. I told her I had some specific medical situations that I was concerned about being covered and guess what she said guys. Guess. Guess guess guess!

She said that if something I needed wasn’t covered she would talk to the new insurance company to see if we could add it. I’m trying not to get too excited about this because it’s still a long shot-but it’s something! Even if they would cover half the costs of an RE it would be SUCH a huge difference from covering absolutely nothing at all. I didn’t want to talk to her about all of this via email and I’m on vacation for the week, but next Tuesday I’m going to go talk to her about what’s been going on. She knew before I was having some lady troubles and was sympathetic, so I’m sure she knows what sorts of things I’m going to need.

I’m just really grateful to work for a place that is willing to try to make this happen for me. Even outside of getting pregnant, I want to have normal cycles and I feel like I’m entitled to that and shouldn’t have to ask my insurance company to make it happen. I want to know whether or not I need metformin. I want someone who KNOWS whats wrong with me and the best way to treat it. Shouldn’t an insurance company cover that?

Anyway, I’m slightly hopeful that things could be going better for me insurance wise. Finger’s crossed ladies!




Guys. GUYS. Shit just got real.


14 thoughts on “New Health Insurance-UPDATED!!!

  1. Wow! This is wonderful! Between you and Arwen over at MRKH Musings, I am just overwhelmed by all the positive vibes! It is just so nice to hear good things in this community–it doesn’t happen nearly often enough. I’m very excited for you and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things just keep getting better 🙂

  2. This is fantastic news!!! So excited for you. BTW–Metformin has worked wonders for me. With my PCOS, it has significantly reduced my testosterone levels. Before I saw my endocrinologist, I didn’t know that Met could be used for things other than blood sugar issues.

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