Strep Throat and Other SUPER FUN THINGS!

That’s right bleeps, I have the strep throat. I’ve never had it before IN MY LIFE somehow, which is miraculous considering I’ve been exposed to it more times than I’ve watched every episode of Gilmore Girls, which is A LOT.

I didn’t even feel that sick. I had a sore throat when I swallowed for the past two days, but I’d been at work and functioning-just a little rundown. Yesterday we were super short handed and I literally spent every hour I was at work on the circ desk either in the children’s department or the teen department, and a few of those hours also involved having school groups. This may mean nothing to most of you, but to the librarians out there, you know that this was a DREADFUL DAY. So when I felt really tired and cranky yesterday I just chocked it up to having a bad day. Then I was reading that night in bed and looked down to see a beautiful blotchy rash all over my chesticles. I know-delightful, right? So I emailed my boss and was all “maybe I should see a doctor before I come to work tomorrow?” and she was all “DON’T SHOW UP UNTIL YOU’VE HAD A STREP TEST” so I went to the new walk-in clinic that just opened up in town and the doctor took one look at my chesticles and my throat and was all “yeah, you have strep. I’m not even going to test you. You’re banned from having contact with the human world for at least 24 hours.”

Greeeeaaaat. I kept saying “but I REALLY don’t feel that bad-are you sure?” and she was all “yeah, you’ve got it. Just wait and welcome to Hellville”.

Okay-not her words exactly, but close.

So anyway, I went home and was all “I’m just going to take a nap for an hour or two and then I’m going to get up and do stuff, because I’m really not that sick.”

And 12 hours of laying on the couch later, here I am, still on the couch. Watching “Little Women” (the Winona Ryder/Susan Sarandon version) and wishing I had Ryder’s bone structure. I mean, damn that woman has an awesome jaw. I’m feeling better now, but most of the afternoon/evening was like acting out “The English Patient”, except Chief got to be the cute and patient nurse and I was the one who was clearly near death, barely able to scarf down the burrito he brought home for me from my most favorite mexican restaurant.

Anywho. I totally missed some awesome news from Kristin who is super preg! Yay Kristin! That is awesome news and I am mondo happy for you. The majority of my blogroll seems to be preggers now, and while I’m very jealous I’m really happy too. I think a lot of this is being off Clomid, AKA the crazy pills. Everything is a little less doom and gloom for me, which is delightful. At this rate I’m not sure how anyone is going to convince me to go back for more treatment because damn-that shit sucks.

On a similar note, I don’t want anyone to think I’m not around much because I’m depressed that they’re pregnant or anything like that. I’m just so busy right now with the holidays being here. I often do a lot of my blogging on my lunch break at work, but lately I’m having to take care of Christmas stuff during my break and sometimes not even taking a break, and then when I come home it’s snuggle time with Chief and other compulsory activities, so you guys have taken a backseat, and I’m sorry. I’m still here, I still care, and I’m still on your team. Pulling for you as always 🙂 So if my comments seem fewer and far between I absolutely promise that you should NOT take it personally. Don’t even think about it.

And on that note, Amy is about to burn Joe’s manuscripts because she wanted to go to the theatre with Laurie and Joe told her no, so I have to go and cover my eyes before I see the horrors (yeah, I REALLY love this movie-interesting fun fact about librarian-our processional and recessional music at our wedding was from this version of “Little Women”. It’s delightful.


I came in at the big loud part near the end and everyone else walked in before me.


Have a lovely weekend ladies, and think of me laying here on my strep throat couch of pain.


4 thoughts on “Strep Throat and Other SUPER FUN THINGS!

  1. Ugh Strep. I have just recovered form the norovirus, bleargh, I hate this time of year.

    I love Little Women, it is a favorite book and film. One of the best book adaptations I can think of. I cry EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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