I didn’t even take a test because I’ve been playing it cool and really not even thinking about IF this month, but I just went to the bathroom and there was so much EWCM that I was just SHOCKED. I wasn’t even checking for it, but I could feel when I wiped so I looked at it and it was….well, it was gross. It even ended up down my leg a little. But I was so thrilled that I came back to my desk and told the girl I work with who knows about my fertility issues (she’s had them too and ended up adopting two babies) and then I texted Chief and told him that I was jumping him the minute he walked in the door.

Guys-I have a REAL SHOT at getting pregnant this month! I’ve NEVER had EWCM like that-I didn’t have any at all on Clomid. And this is CD 19 so it’s not even that late! I know it’s probably just residual clomid in my system making it happen, but I still feel like the changes I’ve made this month in cutting out soda’s and as much HFCS as possible and taking the soy isoflavones and stuff has made a difference! I’ve also put way more veggies and fewer carbs into our diets. We had sex two days ago too, so there may even be some of that sperm still floating around.

I’m so happy that I could cry guys. I just have to believe that my body is doing this and not the Clomid-because even the Clomid didn’t make me ovulate when I was taking it other than that first month! I guess we’ll see if it happens again next month!

In bad news, I’ve been really lax about taking my prenatals because we were NTNP, so I need to get on that! I just wish I wasn’t working until 8:00 tonight and Chief is doing the night shift at the base, so he works until 11:00. I don’t want to miss it!

Ladies-wish me luck. So so much luck! INFERTILES OF THE WORLD UNITE!

UPDATE: Also, I forgot to mention that this morning I was feeling crampy and I actually thought “great, I’m going to go back to having really short cycles and I’m probably about to get my period”. Now I’m taking the low grade cramping I’ve had all day as a very good sign! I just hope all the dental xrays I had yesterday didn’t mess anything up!


18 thoughts on “ALERT ALERT ALERT!!!!

    • I know! I was so paranoid that I went back to the bathroom and checked-and there was still some but not as much. I very rationally had to tell myself that I’m not an EWCM factory and it had taken all day for that large amount I wiped away to build up, so it’s not like it would just be instantly replenished-right?

      This is what IF does to us. It makes us crazy loon women!

  1. YAY! Go ovaries! And this absolutely could be from your changes. I went on the PCOS diet for ONE MONTH and ovulated – which had never happened. Keep up the good work and have a grand old romp tonight 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m really concerned though because I just went to the bathroom again just now (in my defense, there was A LOT of coffee required for my existance today) and there wasn’t any there 😦 I’m afraid that it was a false alarm or that I’ve missed it.

      • From what I’ve read, there just needs to be a little on or around the cervix. Hopefully your cervix is still “oozing” so to speak, and you haven’t missed a thing.

    • I know, I’m so proud of them for working so hard! It would be just perfect to find out a few days before Christmas that we’re pregnant, but I’m a little worried about the fact that all of a sudden I have no EWCM after having a veritable gush of it a few hours ago :/

  2. Woohoo! EWCM rocks! If you’re not getting any more on the toliet paper it’s not a bad thing. It could all be hanging out around the cervix where it belongs. I usually have to reach up in there to get a good sample of the stuff.

    • Yeah, I did some reaching myself and came back with slippery stuff, but no EWCM. I’m still going to take it as a good sign because I’ve had way too many symptoms for it not to be O. I was also extremely hungry (like insatiably) for the past two days and had sore nipples. Plus some digestive upset and general gassiness. I’ve been super fun to be around!

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