First of all, let me apologize for being an ICLW failure. Between Christmas, the massive amounts of snow dumped on my state, power outages, and lots of family events this month just got away from me. I got so many great comments and I appreciate all of them. I should have known better than to try to do ICLW during Christmas.

So yeah, Christmas.

It happened, and it was better this year. Chief and I had the house to ourselves which was so nice compared to last year. He gave me a beautiful ruby necklace that I refuse to take off, as well as some Detroit Lions swag and a few pie plates (he broke one of my favorite ones this year and I make a LOT of pie). So Christmas Eve we went to church and went to my mom’s. We got this beautiful new bedspread that I picked out. It’s like a quilted coverlet, but it has a velveteen side that feels so good against your skin. And it’s super warm :).

This came in handy the next day when we got the first accumulative snow on Christmas that we’ve had in 86 years. And we’re not just talking a few inches-no, we had at least a foot. We were at my grandparents opening presents on Christmas day when their power went out and the weather started turning. We got them set up with a generator and then all hurried home. At first (when I had power) the snow was amazing. It came down so quickly and Chief and I took a snow walk that ended with him playfully throwing me to the ground (I promise-it was playful) and rolling me in the snow. Then we went back in to watch a movie and half way through we lost power. At this point it was almost 10:00 so we decided to go to bed and hoped the power would be back on by morning.

Au Contrair. We woke up freezing. I got up and put our perishables in a rubbermaid container outside in the snow so as not to lose them, and then we “roughed it” for the day. We ventured out (which was terrifying) to Wal-Mart and when we came back we were so lucky to have power. A lot of people are still without (over 200,000 lost power in this storm) and many have been told it’ll take 8-10 days. It’s a big, big mess. I’ve had enough winter weather for this winter.

But Christmas was good. And I have a little cold but we’re seeing some friends for dinner tonight which I’m excited about. And maybe 2013 is the year that I’ll get pregnant.

Happy New Year kids. This is the most hopeful day of every year. Seems fitting that it’s the one to kick off the next year.


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