Rules of Engagement

I know there’s been a lot in the blogging world about why we’re not more represented as IFers on television and in movies. Chief and I just started watching this show on Netflix instant on a whim and it has a couple dealing with IF on it (spoiler alert):


We’re not all the way through so I have no idea how they’re going to handle it-they could really screw it up. But so far we’re on season 4 and they’re still not pregnant and now having to deal with fertility doctors. In the episode I’m on now they’re having a discussion about how this isn’t how they planned on making a baby and how the wife is tired of being prodded and how the husband is tired of producing sperm in a cup.

How many times have all of us expressed similar sentiments? It’s not a show I love or will ever add to my all time favorite list, but it is a show I’ll watch probably to the end just because I think they’re handling this issue so well. And it’s nice to be represented.


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