I forgot how good it feels….

To be good to yourself. I’ve been eating clean for two days and I feel so proud of myself and despite the fact that I’m sure I haven’t lost a pound, I feel lighter and have way more energy. Yesterday I had Special K with skim milk for breakfast, chicken pesto soup with a salad for lunch, and chicken soft tacos for dinner. I’m really proud of these tacos because I made the recipe myself. Interested?

Cut up chicken breasts into small pieces and cook in a small amount of olive oil (if you use a non-stick pan (I know, cancer) you can get away with less oil) with garlic powder, salt and pepper, cilantro (yum!) cayenne pepper, and a healthy squeeze of lemon. Once it is done I shred it in the food processor, but to each their own on that. Then all you have to do is put it in a warmed corn tortilla (much better than flour) with lettuce, cheese (small amount!) tomato, onion, fat free sour cream and salsa. I used to think that fat free sour cream was gross, but it’s really come a long way. I’m impressed. Chief bought it and I was skeptical, but it was tasty!

It’s RIDICULOUS healthy y’all. I had it again for lunch today but I turned it into enchilada’s by microwaving them so they were warmer and gooier. I also had a fruit smoothie with greek yogurt and skim milk for breakfast. Chief has bowling tonight so I have big plans to go to Subway. I have plenty of weight watchers points for the day to go, so I can splurge a little while I’m there 🙂 I’ve been munching on fruit when I’m peckish and drinking lots of water and iced tea.

I’m also determined to read more this year than I did last year, so right now I’m reading “Argo”. Chief and I saw the movie last year and it was excellent, and the book is just as good. I want to read more non-fiction because I think it’s important to challenge your mind as well as your body.

Today I’m getting the living room cleaned up from Christmas so I’ll have room to start Zumba again tonight. I won’t really start losing weight until I start the cardio back. After I start the first 10 pounds will drop FAST, and then everything else will take longer. I think what I love about this revised life style is that it’s helping me to not obsess about IF and PCOS. I’m so focused on my overall health instead of just my reproductive health. When I was in treatment I completely let myself go weight wise and brain wise-that just can’t happen anymore. The best part is that Chief is doing this with me. He’s not doing Weight Watchers, but he’s trying to lose as well. It’s been hard in the past when I’ve tried to be healthy and he’s been eating all the bad stuff. So now we’re in it together, which is awesome.

In IF news, I’m on CD 13, and I’m a CD 19 ovulator. So if it’s going to happen it’ll be in another week or so. Things downtown are getting a little “slicker”, so I’ll continue to monitor that and hope for the best. But I’m not temping or doing anything else this cycle. I didn’t even take the soy isoflavones this month because the first day would have been Christmas and I just completely forgot. But who knows, maybe the weight loss will be all my body has needed.

I’m going to keep you guys updated as an accountability system. Tomorrow I plan on going to my favorite burrito place. I’ve already calculated the WW points and my usual meal is a lot (22 points) but I haven’t used any of my points plus points this week and hey, you gotta treat yourself to keep it going right? BCB isn’t too bad for you, if I didn’t get cheese dip it would be far fewer points-around 15, and I can never finish my meal so it would be less than that. But I love it. I am going to make every effort to eat less though. Slower, smaller bites 🙂

Happy Thursday everyone!


10 thoughts on “I forgot how good it feels….

    • Exactly! I’ve tried dieting where I take everything good away and it just doesn’t work. We go to BCB every week, so I think it will be a great motivator for me: “I can pass on this chocolate cake because I know we’re having BCB on Friday”.

  1. Sounds like you have a great plan heading into 2013! I’m on the health bandwagon again myself and it’s really motivating to see a lot of other IF bloggers doing the same thing. I say we keep each other accountable!!

  2. I don’t know what BCB is but burritos and cheese dip sound wonderful to me!! I CANNOT get good Mexican food here!

    I love your mentality and I think having one treat a week to really look forward to and sacrifice for is a great way to do it. Cutting everything is a recipe for disaster!

    Good luck!!

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