Hello Two Week Wait

It’s officially here. If the sore boobs didn’t tip it off the insane food cravings always do. I woke up when Chief called me this morning around 10:00 and the thing that I instantly thought was “easy mac-that’s what I want”. I went to the kitchen and stared at a box of Mac and Cheese for about ten minutes, trying to figure out a way that I could eat the entire thing without ruining my day. Once I figured out it couldn’t happen, I satiated myself with a slice of lowfat american cheese. Once I had my cravings somewhat under control I tried to think of a healthy meal that would satisfy the lingering desire for bad stuff and went with scrambled eggs with a little fat free sour cream, a pinch of shredded cheese, and spoonful of salsa. Seven WW points later, I feel better.

Tonight is dinner at my grandparents house and apparently we’re having pizza, but I am prepared. I’ve already figured I can have two slices of veggie without ruining my day at all. I’ll even have a few left over points to spend on something small and sweet after dinner.

TWW food cravings never bothered me before I was trying to lose weight. Then I could eat the jalapeno poppers and cheese sticks with absolutely no guilt. The other downside of this is that I’m having a REALLY hard time getting motivated to work out. My boss is really sick and hasn’t been at work for three weeks, so I’m really running ragged and by the time I get home I’m exhausted. Last night after dinner I took a 2.5 hour nap because I wanted to have sex one more time just to make sure we’d covered our bases and when I came home I knew there was no way to make that happen without some extra sleep. But I’m off today, and I don’t go in tomorrow until 11:00, so there really should be no excuse, right? Right?

So, at least 16 days of food cravings ahead of me-more if I’m lucky. Must cope. Over and out, bloggy friends.


10 thoughts on “Hello Two Week Wait

  1. And now I want macarroni and cheese. The blue box, please.

    But good job for keeping those cravings in check! I never get them post-O, but I can imagine they’re a bitch, especially when you’re trying so hard to be “good!!”

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