Pictures, Pies, Pounds, Pee, and Perserverance

Thanks for all the compliments on the kitchen! You’d think since it was such a pain in the ass to do I would have been more excited to show it off. Every time I thought about taking pictures it was a mess in there from cooking, so when Chief and I got it all sparkly yesterday I pounced on the opportunity 🙂 Someday I’ll put up pictures of the dining room. It’s not as sparkly clean yet….

In weight watcher’s news guess who is down six pounds?! It’s this girl! I was SO disappointed because on Sunday I weighed and I’d lost less than a pound. Last week I was so good and worked so hard, and I was really bummed to have already hit a plateau. Then the next morning I woke up just feeling lighter and I weighed and it was down another two pounds. I weighed THREE TIMES just to be sure. Knowing that my period is coming I’ve been chugging water like it’s going out of style and Saturday and Sunday I was peeing like crazy. Waking up a few time a night to pee. So I think I must have finally pee-ed out the water weight.

The last two days I’ve had to make pies for family dinner tonight though and that has been a challenge to my determination. Today, for instance, I’m making an apple pie with a white cheddar crust. Y-U-M. It has crumbled up white cheddar cheez-its with shredded white cheddar cheese and butter sprinkled all over the top. This led to me eating a handful of cheez-its. I love them so much, they’re a huge weakness. I also had two pieces of chocolate. But the important thing is that I tracked it all and I still have lots of points left for dinner tonight, so bully for me. After this post I’m going to work out too. I’ve gotten much better about working out regularly. My goal is 28 WW activity points a week. This week I’ve switched to Step Aerobics. Gotta keep it fresh or I’ll burn out quick!

I took another HPT this morning and it was negative. It stings a bit, because now I just have to wait for my period officially. I’ve been having light cramps for three or four days, so it could be any day now. The six pounds takes the sting off though. Six pounds is 10% of what I want to lose. It makes me feel like 30 by May is more attainable than I thought. And I can officially be one of those people to attest to the fact that WW’s works. Being able to eat whatever I want but learning moderation has been completely life changing.

On a sad note, one of my favorite high school teachers died this week. I’m going to her funeral on Friday. She was an amazing woman and helped me make my decisions about what I wanted to be when I “grew up” and what to major in in college. She had been battling cancer for a few years and lost the fight night before last. It’s hard to be at an age where I’m going to funerals more than I ever have. I thought that would come later.

Happy Tuesday Amigos.


6 thoughts on “Pictures, Pies, Pounds, Pee, and Perserverance

  1. I’m sorry about your high school teacher. It’s so sad that those who helped us out so much when we are younger are reaching that age…

    Congrats on the weight loss! You are inspiring me! It stinks about the BFN but I agree that weight loss takes the sting out a bit. Well done! And I love your use of the word “bully” – not many people say that anymore! (I’m one who does, haha)

  2. Great work on the weight loss. Also, that pie sounds off the charts. I’ve been trying to convince people for years of the goodness of apple pie with melted cheese on top. But good call on baking it onto the crust. Maybe if I just MAKE the pie that way, they’re have a harder time turning down what everyone thinks is a weird sounding suggestion!

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