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Fingers Crossed for Chief!-UPDATE!

Chief has left for his interview. I’m keeping fingers crossed and praying to the interview gods! He looked so handsome in his dress blues 🙂

As a downer side note, I was up a pound at my weigh in yesterday morning, but I don’t know why because I haven’t gone over my points at all 😦 I’m hoping its just water or something. Saturdays dinner was salty, but really lean. Encouragement?

Ill keep you posted!


Chief just texted me and said that his master sargeant and the major of this area picked him for the job, but it has to go through HRO approval-and they’ve been known to muck things up or take forever. We’re hoping not though. They’re turning his paperwork in today and we should know for sure in a week. As of now, there is no reason to believe that Chief won’t be starting a new job soon!

Here’s where we stand

According to the last weigh in (about a week ago) I’m 8.5 pounds down. So I lost 8.5 pounds in January, and I COULDN’T be happier with that. It was a healthy amount to lose, I did it in a healthy way, and I can sustain it. I lost one of my weight watchers points which is great because it means I’m making progress, and I really want to hit the 10 pound mark when I weigh in on Sunday.

Y’all, I can do this. Weight Watchers is amazing-I wish I had done it years ago. Sorry to sound like a commercial, but I haven’t had to give anything up. I chose to give up coke because it’s just bad for you, but things that I love like chocolate, burritos, CHEESE?! I still get to have them as long as I measure, and that is so, so great. No more deprivation. No more dieting. Just life changing.

*Steps off soapbox*

In other good news, Chief FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got an interview to get his full time military job back in a permanent way. For those of you just tuning in, Chief is air force national guard (which means that military is his part time life, one weekend a month plus training two weeks a year and deployments), but he had a full time national guard position that we loved. Good pay, good benefits, AWESOME hours, close to home. It was amazing-but it was temporary. And when it ended they were supposed to be getting him a permanent one. Fast forward one full year and here we are, so close to having that permanent job. He’s ready to go back and be out of the job he’s in. It’s gotten toxic, and I of all people understand that. So at 0800 (central time) hours on Monday everyone cross your finger’s for Chief in his interview, because this will make so many more things possible for him.

In the proud wife department, Chief is also set to FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY get his next rank. In April or May he will hopefully become an E-6 Technical Sargeant, which is the last NCO (Non Commissioned Officer) position before he becomes a Senior NCO (Master Sargeant). I couldn’t be prouder of him. He’s been waiting quite a while for this promotion, but they had to wait for a slot to open up. It means more responsibility, more prestige, more money and he’s ready for all of those things :). His master sargeant said she’s turning in the paperwork on it so hopefully we’ll get the word soon. I might be biased, but I can’t think of anyone more deserving than my brave warrior husband. Two tours overseas and a huge rack full of ribbons to show it-I have a lot to be proud of in him.

I’m not sure I’m going to ovulate this month. It’s CD 17 and I haven’t felt many twinges like I’m used to, but it’s okay. Now that I know I can, I don’t mind missing a month or two. As long as my cycles don’t go back to being 17 days long and stay around the 30-35 range, I’ll know we’re in good shape for our future family. There’s a lot of success in the IF world right now, and while mine might not be in the baby making way, I feel like a part of it. We are all rock star, pregnant or not 🙂