Fingers Crossed for Chief!-UPDATE!

Chief has left for his interview. I’m keeping fingers crossed and praying to the interview gods! He looked so handsome in his dress blues 🙂

As a downer side note, I was up a pound at my weigh in yesterday morning, but I don’t know why because I haven’t gone over my points at all 😦 I’m hoping its just water or something. Saturdays dinner was salty, but really lean. Encouragement?

Ill keep you posted!


Chief just texted me and said that his master sargeant and the major of this area picked him for the job, but it has to go through HRO approval-and they’ve been known to muck things up or take forever. We’re hoping not though. They’re turning his paperwork in today and we should know for sure in a week. As of now, there is no reason to believe that Chief won’t be starting a new job soon!


13 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed for Chief!-UPDATE!

  1. It’s very common to have a week where you gain, even when you’re losing overall, either due to water retention, hormones, or goodness-knows-what. (In the book she wrote with her trainer Bob Greene, Oprah talked about how that happened to her pretty consistently when she was losing all that weight through diet and exercise in the ’90s.)

    Good luck to your husband!

  2. Yay Chief!!

    I did weight watchers and loved it, too. There were definitely weeks where I was up a bit – usually due to water retention or just those normal frustrating variations in how our body reacts. At one point, my weight loss really started to plateau and my WW leader recommended that I try changing up what I was eating – so in my case, eating more protein to see if that made a difference (not doing any low carb thing, just making sure I was getting a bit more protein since I’m vegetarian). And that jumped me back in to weight loss mode again. Which reminds me that I really need to get back in to WW.

    • I did change things up a bit last week. I lost a WW point and I knew that I needed to have more filling lunches because I was STARVING by dinner. I had been only using like 10 points for the day and saving 20+ for dinner and that just wasn’t working, so I tried a more even distribution by adding a lean pocket to my lunch, so this might have rocked the boat a little. What I REALLY think did it though is that we went to Genghis Grill and while everything I had was lean lean lean (calamari, scallops, bok choy, mandarin oranges), the seasoning (dragon salt) I think could have easily made me bloat up like a crazy person, because I drank a ton of water and I’m just noticing the effects of drinking a ton of water today lol. Yesterday I hardly peed at all. I’ve also changed my weigh in day to Thursday, because while I stay within points on the weekend, it is when I tend to consume more salt because we eat out, and as we all know restaurants make up for lack of fat with added salt, so I think that’s been affecting my weigh ins. We shall see what the scale says for this Thursday!

      Thanks for the tips 🙂 I’m doing WW Online because of my mad crazy schedule and I really like it, but it’s great to hear from people who’ve had lots of success and tips from their leaders 😉

  3. Fabulous news for Chief!

    Weight wise, I always seem to fluctuate anywhere round a variant of two pounds. As long as you are doing what has been working so far I wouldn’t worry.

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