I Will NOT be an Absentee Blogger

I will not. I refuse. That’s right friends-you’re about to get more than once monthly blogging!

We’re going to have to make a deal you (as in all of you) and me. I want to blog. You guys are my friends. We became friends because we were all up the shit creek without paddles. Some of you have found your paddles and that’s great. I feel like my paddle is floating somewhere nearby, but my main focus is getting healthy before I grab hold of that paddle firmly-so this space is not always going to be related to my IF, my cycles, etc. I’m going to have to fill the void with other things-and I promise to do my best to keep it interesting.

And I promise to still love you paddle wavers out there, because I know you’ll wave your paddle joyfully when I find mine. That’s part of the deal. The other part of the deal is to not get bored with me when you all have your babies and I’m still out here babyless talking about non-baby related things.

Today I actually have a few IF related things to update:

My period started today OFFICIALLY. No spotting-just full on period. The last few weeks my boobs had really hurt so I’m taking that as a sign that I did ovulate, that my body is trying to do SOMETHING. I’m so proud of it, no matter how dysfunctional it is. We’re doing this together (is it weird that I’m talking about me and my body like we’re two separate things?), and my ovaries are trying to help out.

I’ve lost 19 pounds so far, which is about 10% (yes, now you can all do the math and figure out quite how fat I started out as). I want to lose at least 30% because I’m seeing such good things from the 10%! I would love to be a size 8-10. Right now I’m fitting into 14’s which is great, because I was headed into the danger zone of 18-20’s at the end of last year (I just can’t believe I let myself get there! Gah!). And here’s the big thing. I was at Old Navy the Friday before Easter looking for an Easter sun dress and I picked one out in an XL and tried it on.


That’s right, I bought a size large dress. I can’t tell you the last time I did that. I’ve weighed less than this and worn bigger sizes, so not only am I trimming down, but I’m finally starting to trim down in the right way I think. And I ordered THREE dresses from Mod Cloth and when they came in they ALL FIT. And if you guys don’t know modcloth, they are notorious for having dresses that don’t go above an XL and often come in a lot smaller than you expect.

So yeah. Losing weight. Being infertile. Doing what I do.


I forgot to tell you guys about the roses. I gots more of them. Like ten more.

Bitches be crazy y’all.


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