Please Help. Ovarian Cyst. Want to Die.

Oh. My. Glob.

I think I finally have one, the C of PCOS. For the last week I’ve noticed a steady increase in ovarian pain when I use the bathroom. This is normal for me around ovulation, but I’m way past that this month. It’s cycle day 36 and the last two days have been filled with me not having proper bowel movements because it just hurts too much to push (I’m so, so, sorry for that mental image I just filled you with).

My sister had to have both of her ovaries removed because of massive softball sized cysts on them-I’m so terrified of that happening to me. I’m hoping this is just a one time occurence-that happens right? My mom says she had them on and off a lot of her life. This is just misery, and I know the only way to prevent them is to stop ovulating, which means BC pills and OF COURSE I don’t want to do that again. Right now I’m on naproxen, which isn’t doing a damn thing, so my momma said to add tylenol in with it so I just took two of those, but really, all I want to do is use the bathroom without pain 😦 How long do these terrible things last? Tell me at what point I should see my OBGYN?

I know it’s Friday, which is when the internet goes vacant, but HELP ME PLEASE.


6 thoughts on “Please Help. Ovarian Cyst. Want to Die.

  1. That sounds truly miserable. With the family history, I’d go ahead and give your OBGYN a call now definitely. The doctor can determine if it’s an ovarian cyst (or if there’s something else going on) and what’s going on – and if nothing else, possibly help you get some pain relief or something to help with the bowel movement. I know it sucks to have a doctor’s visit and that they’re not inexpensive, but at least then you’ll get some professional guidance, peace of mind, help, and maybe instructions on what to do next time.

    And if the pain keeps getting worse or you’re getting a fever/vomiting/severe pain/weakness/fainting or anything else major, go to the ER and get help right away.

    Hope it works out, and you start feeling better soon!

  2. One other thing:

    Not trying to dispense medical advice – that’s why it’s so important that you have your OBGYN/doctor who knows you, your history, and can review your symptoms more thoroughly make sure of what’s happening with you. Definitely warrants a call to a medical professional.

    Good luck – thinking of you.

  3. I’m so sorry that I’m just now seeing this but I do hope that you are feeling much better today and that you got some medical attention. It sounds incredibly painful!

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