It has been scheduled. Officially. I go in for my lap surgery at 5:30 am on July 1st. My procedure will be at 7:30 am. It looks like it’s going to cost around $1500 out of pocket, but the hospital is going to let us make payments, which is great. My work loaned me $750 interest free and will take $75 out a paycheck for the next ten paychecks to pay it back. I’m blessed to work here-really and truly. Everyone has been so supportive.

When I scheduled the surgery today they told me the basics-no eating after midnight, have someone there to drive you home, etc. She said that my doctor would call the Friday before (my surgery is on a Monday) and go over things in detail with me and that I could take that time to ask him any questions that might crop up. Here are some I’ve already thought of:

1. Will I have to be on a catheter?
2. What drugs will I go home with?
3. Is bleeding (vaginally-not incision site wise) expected after this surgery?
4. What level of pain is normal post surgery?
5. How long should I refrain from cardio activity?
6. What is involved in this two hour prep time?

I’m going to ask him all of these and I’m sure more. If you have any questions you think I should ask, throw them in. If you have answers from YOUR own experiences with this procedure, I’d love to hear those as well. Some good news is that we found out that the military has been skimping Chief on his BAH pay since we got married, so we’re expecting to get some back pay in 7-10 days-which is going to possibly come in REALLY handy for this surgery. Also, my hospital is considering discounting our fees since he’s about to go on furlough.

On to the book challenge!

13. Your favorite book from childhood

Hmmm. Tough one-although probably the BFG by Roald Dahl. It was the first chapter book I ever read on my own and I read it pretty fast for a third grader. Dahl is magical.

14. A book you regret not having read sooner

Princess Diaries. Easily. I just finished the last book and they have been such sweet, darling books. Hilarious and quirky with some romance and crazy teenage antics. I just loved every minute of all 14 books!


4 thoughts on “Questions

  1. I’m so glad to hear you have the surgery scheduled and that there are reasonable ways to fund it. I hope this can bring you some peace. My lap was so long ago, I don’t remember much about it. I do know that I was pretty knocked out the first couple of days. I had a lot of pain that first day. I remember the drive home from the hospital was tough. I was given codeine, I believe, or a similar drug for a few days after the surgery. I do remember some messiness down below, and being given a big maxi pad by the nurse. So I would definitely ask about that. I was one of the rare people who DID get an infection in the incision site. I had a mild fever and some pain there, so I went back to the GYN a few days after surgery and was given antibiotics. So keep an eye out for that.

  2. Here are my answers to your questions. Of course, this was my experience and yours might be very different:

    1. I had a catheter after I was put to sleep, and it was taken out before I woke up.
    2. I came home with Percocet and prescription strength ibuprofen.
    3. My surgery was on CD1, so I’m not sure how much extra bleeding there was after the surgery.
    4. The worst pain was in my shoulders from the carbon dioxide they use to inflate your abdomen. It took a few days for that pain to go away. I only needed the percocet for 3-4 days.
    5. I walked to work (about .75 miles) 6 days after surgery. Honestly, it was too much that day. About 8 days after surgery I was able to handle it again. You’ll probably need to wait a few more days for anything more intense.
    6. My prep time was paperwork, taking a pregnancy test to prove I wasn’t pregnant, and starting the IV line.

    This was my first surgery ever, so I was very scared. But it really wasn’t a big deal. Good luck to you, I hope they find some answers!

  3. I also have some answers to your questions, but as toomanyamys said, my experience may be different.

    1. I had a catheter put in after I was knocked out and it stayed in until about an hour or two before I left the hospital (I had an overnight stay). I was told I had to pee a certain amount before I could leave. The removal of the catheter was painless.

    2. I did go home with Percocet that kept me sleepy and relatively pain-free for the first couple of days. They also made me not very hungry and at the same time, constipated.

    3. Bleeding was expected after my surgery, but the three month dose of Lupron was supposed to cut down on it. I bleed for a day after I got home and that’s it.

    4. I was not in pain until I tried to engage my abs muscles (mainly trying to sit up/stand up). My husband and my mom helped me up from the couch a lot so that I didn’t have to use my muscles. It sort of feels like you are tearing your insides. I also had shoulder pain for the first couple of days. You can read about my recovery here:

    5. I was not allowed to drive or exercise for two weeks after the surgery. I mainly walked with my dogs for exercise, I didn’t think about running for a while.

    6. I remember a lot of waiting around, filling out paperwork, getting an IV, and getting knocked out.

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