Doctor Doctor, Give me the news…

So I went to see my doctor yesterday to have my post surgery check up and talk about options. Chief went with me which was nice, other than the awkwardness of having my husband sit next to me while Dr. T felt me up.

So before I thought my tubes and everything were fine and it was just endometriosis that he found-not true! Dr. T and I had had a discussion before the surgery that I didn’t want my parents to know about us trying for kids, so when he went to talk to my family afterwards I wanted him to gloss over those parts. Apparently, my right tube was COMPLETELY blocked. Like, completely. No dye got through until he opened it up, and then there was a rush of it. In my head I’m going “FOUR MONTHS OF CLOMID HELL FOR NOTHING?!?!” but I’m also relieved that it’s opened. He said it was VERY good that we did the surgery.

He also said that the endo he removed was stage II, but that he doesn’t really care what stage it’s in because stage I can hurt the same as stage IV, so the important thing is that we deal with it. He didn’t think that the Endo was probably affecting my fertility too much, but that it’s probably has some hand in it and it’s certainly not helping it.

Then he said he wants to give me a three month shot of Lupron and do the add back therapy to help with the side effects. We talked quite a bit about the side effects and the outlook for fertility after the shot has worn off. He said that it would probably be three months after the shot has worn off before I start cycling again, but he fully believes that I will cycle normally for at least a little while-maybe a long while. He says it’s important for the sake of keeping the endo from growing back, but it could also be the thing that helps us get pregnant. And the timeline is perfect, because we didn’t want to start trying until January anyway, so this puts us being “fertile” again by the end of January. He said I should start temping again in December. I don’t look forward to that, but I know it’s a good idea.

I’m sort of afraid of Lupron. There are a lot of people out there on the scary interwebs who said that they basically went crazy, couldn’t work, were in pain all the time, wanted to kill themselves. Dr. T assures me this is not the norm by any means, and that the add back therapy helps a lot. I’m also concerned about weight gain considering how hard I’m working to get rid of the weight!

So now I need advice. I now you’re all running away to a blog free weekend, but what do you think? I’ve agreed to do the shot because ultimately my body could probably use the reset. And I keep thinking that three months is nothing in the grand scheme of a better life-right?

This is my serenity song right now. It’s keeping me calm. Also, I’m pretty sure this is my 100th post. Happy Friday folks.


7 thoughts on “Doctor Doctor, Give me the news…

  1. The report sounds very promising! I have been on lupron for a few months twice, and honestly, it wasn’t that bad. I think I recall a few hot flashes at the beginning but oddly, the worst side effect was that I got UTIs on it both times. I think it is worth it to give your body an even longer chance to heal and keep any endo suppressed.

  2. I did the three month Lupron shot 2.5 months prior to my fibroid/endo surgery. I got the shot in late August 2011 so you can check my archives- I know that I have at least a few posts on it. Basically, I had hot flashes, exhaustion, headaches, a few black hairs on my chin, and body aches. I didn’t go crazy and didn’t want to kill myself. I think it’s a good idea to go on Lupron to keep the endo suppressed. Make sure you are taking Calcium pills while you are on the Lupron!!

  3. It’s silly and I don’t know if it helps, but I know I won’t get pregnant for a while so I think things like, “If I get pregnant in January, that makes a September or October due date. What a nice time of year to have a birthday, and then the baby won’t be tiny during the horrible hot weather and we can take newborn photos is fall leaves…” I know, I’m nuts. But I convince myself that really, x month is the *perfect* time to get pregnant/be born and so it’s all working out. And silly or not, it makes me feel better.

  4. That consultation sounds like some definite good news, especially about getting that tube open. Haven’t had Lupron myself, so no advice there, but hope that the therapy goes well and does what it’s supposed to.

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