Bleeps-it happened.


The promotion has happened. I am now the assistant manager of my department 😀


AND I busted my weight loss plateau! Two pounds down this week. Who knew that eating more would make such a difference (who besides all the doctors and things who, you know, know these things)


Monday is the best! More later!


The Nervous Belly

So, without getting into too many details (because I’m convinced the internet is FILLED with spies), I have a nervous belly.

No, it’s not a pregnant nervous belly.

It’s a belly that is nervous because there is an opportunity in my workplace that I’m in the running for, and it would be a really good opportunity. A large and in charge opportunity. The kind of opportunity that if I don’t end up getting it, it’ll be time to look for other employment. I promise to be less vague in the future.

Anyway, my interview for the aforementioned opportunity is tomorrow. I know of at least one person who is having theirs RIGHT NOW. And this person has already beaten me out of one opportunity, so I’m nervous y’all. So at 11:00 am tomorrow (central time-do your adjustment as you will) please thrust your pelvis’ in my direction and send me all the good infertile lady blogger vibes. I NEED YOU.

In other news, I’ve had my first period since before the surgery. It wasn’t great, but it could have been worse. I had to take most of Thursday off for terrible cramps, but I took my first percocet since the day of the surgery on Thursday and I forgot how happy it makes me feel. I laid in my bed with my heating pad watching Big Bang Theory reruns and felt good about life. Then Chief drove me to work the next day so I could take the happy pills (because they make me dizzy-no driving for this girl on Percocet) and I was the nicest librarian in all the world. If I didn’t think they made me act stoned I would take one tomorrow at 10:45 am….

Anyway, the bleeding is tapering off and now allegedly I’m heading into the belly of the lupron beast. So far nothing too bad, but I’m withholding judgement for now.

Also, I started doing some strength training! And I ate more this week, because allegedly I could be not eating enough. You only have to tell me to eat more once, and I’ll do it. I’m still moderating carefully, but I allowed a few more splurges than I normally would. So I’m doing three 10 minute ab videos a week right now and three nights of arm workout thingies (yes, that is the technical terminology, thank you for asking). Kathy Smith does the ab workouts and she is a cruel taskmaster. I was pleased that I was able to do most of it, although I have to knock down the intensity on the planks. Hopefully that’ll change soon. I’m just 25 pounds from my goal. I’m now to the point of having far less to lose than I’ve already lost, and that feels really rewarding.

Too bad the last 25 won’t come off as easily as the first 25 did…

Think of me tomorrow Infertile Blogging Ladies. INFERTILES OF THE WORLD UNITE!

Lupron and Not Exploding

So I got my lupron shot last week. In fact, I got it last Wednesday, so it’s been exactly a week. Things have happened.

First of all, I most fortunately didn’t have to pay a dime for the shot because my doctors office just happened to have one on hand. Apparently someone was going to do two rounds of it and decided after the first three months not to, but their insurance had already paid for it AND you can’t return it, so I got it for freesies. I feel like there’s probably something somewhat shady about this whole deal, but I’m not questioning it. It could have cost a lot of money, and a lot of money I do not have, so that worked out well. The progesterone is just $10 a month and THAT I can afford.

Anyway, I got the shot last Wednesday and literally walked around all day expecting to transform into the incredible hulk or something. I kept fearing sudden and horrific side effects such as are described in the dark and deep depths of the internet, but I haven’t really had anything so far. I have had cramps, but I expected those. It’s part of the whole “it get’s worse before it get’s better” sort of thing. And I do feel sort of cranky a lot of the time and at least once I’ve had irrational anger, but that could just be me (let’s be honest with ourselves, I mean really).

I’m taking two chocolate calcium chews a day to help with the bone loss business, keeping up with my prenatals, and staying on weight watchers. Here’s the rub though. It’s been five weeks since my surgery and I’ve lost 1.5 pounds. I am seriously and majorly plateued. It is FRUSTRATING. I’m working out, I’m still eating right, I’ve become very rigorous about my measurements of food, but I seem to be stuck. The 1.5 pounds was from today’s weigh in, so I’m hoping I’ve had some sort of break through MAYBE, but otherwise I know it’s time to add in the dreaded weights.

I KNOW OKAY. I KNOW I SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING IT ALL THIS TIME. But guys, I hate it. I really hate it. It’s a complete mental thing I have with it. I feel like if I can work out sitting down (for the most part) then I’m not really working out. I used to sit and do arm weights on the couch and watch TV and it just felt like I wasn’t doing anything. Same with sit ups, I’d do them in the living room and feel silly. Also, I’d feel weak, because I have no muscles so all of this stuff is really hard (I KNOW-OKAY, I KNOW). But I have to get over it. I HAVE TO. I have a goal to reach and I’m not going to get there with cardio alone anymore (apparently). Punch me in the face, I hate strength training.

Also my boobs hurt, so that seems like a good enough reason to not do weights. But I know it’s not.

Poor Chief, I told him last night how much my boobs hurt and he said “I’m sure it’ll get better” and I said, “yeah, in three months” and he said “no, I’m sure it will be before then” and then I said “honey, it’s because of the progesterone. That I have to take for three months” and then he said “Oh” and had the saddest face in the entire world because he realized he would be getting no where near two of his favorite girls for the next 11 weeks.

Blessed are the weak limbed and sore breasted, for they shall inherit the heating pads.

Happy Wednesday Uterusly Challenged Friends.