That’s Me Thursday is BACK!

Some of you may remember that, back when I was a good blogger, I had a little something I liked to call That’s Me Thursday where I would tell you three things about me that DON’T have to do with infertility. I think we could all use a pick me up, so let’s do it.

1. My favorite NFL team is the Detroit Lions. AND THEY ARE ON FIRE THIS SEASON. I have a lot of Detroit pride because I got my masters degree from a Detroit university. And the city is in such bad shape and yet has so much to offer. Detroit needs a win y’all. And the Lions are giving them that win this season. I’m so proud of them. Go Lions!

2. One of the big reasons I wanted to lose weight is this: My best friend is getting married in January and we have some mutual acquaintances who are not my favorites. So besides being super healthy and in better shape and just generally more attractive (which are big reasons-I swear), I also really, REALLY, want this one hateful girl and this one guy who I had an on again off again thing with that ended badly to see me and realize how goddamn awesome I look now. And I think that’s the motivation it’s going to take to get me on my feet and working out again. I don’t even care if I lose any more weight between now and then, but I sure as hell am not going to gain weight over the holidays and not be in a size 12 at that wedding. And I wouldn’t mind having less flabby arms. Revenge weight loss may not be healthy, but it’s damn effective.

3. I really am one of those people who never did any drugs as a kid. Really. If I ran for office I could be one of the few people who could be honest when that question is asked. But no one would believe me. Besides never really having an interest in being at all out of control of my body, I also was raised with a healthy dose of fear of the law AND my mother. Having sex as a teenager-sure, my mom was cool with that, as long as we used protection. Cool with it probably seems strong, but she was realistic. But drugs? Oh hell no. That wasn’t going to happen and if it did by no means would it be ok. Bonus fact: I also waited until I was 21 to drink. I know right-WHO THE HECK AM I?!

Happy Thursday Bleeps.


3 thoughts on “That’s Me Thursday is BACK!

  1. I love this because you’re right, we are more than just our infertility! And this really is a fun way to get to know a side of everyone that is usually hidden to make room in our blogs for pee sticks and doc appointments. 😉 I’m game!

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