The Requisite “Needing Encouragement” Post

So, you know, it’s my first cycle back in the TTC game in about a year, and of course, things aren’t happening. So I need encouragement.

Can we all think back to October when my doctor SPECIFICALLY TOLD ME that he didn’t have high hopes for the first cycle off Lupron? I remember it clear as day, and yet I have been searching google like a crazy person because for the first time in all of my TTC history, I have NO test line on my OPK’s. I’m not just saying they’re negative, I’m saying they are super negative. Control line only. Maybe this is normal for some people, but not me. Usually I have at least some sort of test line and then it gradually darkens-even if I don’t ovulate. So in my head I have no LH whatsoever, and therefore no chance of ovulating this cycle.

AND I WAS TOLD THIS MIGHT HAPPEN. But I’m still feeling very “all hope is lost” about my situation. I feel like nothing will happen next cycle or the next. And then we’re done. No IVF, no IUI. That’s it.

Today is CD 13 and doc said if I was going to ovulate it would be between CD 12-16. I’ve felt so hopeless about the situation I haven’t even wanted to jump Chief’s bones. I’ve totally failed in that department. Luckily I have an ultrasound with doc tomorrow to see whats happening. Even if the ultrasound shows no ovulation will occur, I’m hoping he’ll see something like a uterine lining or any sort of egg growth at all that might indicate to us that things are waking up after the three months of Lupron and that next cycle should be better.

The bad news is that we’re supposed to get “winter weather” overnight, and even small amounts of winter weather in my area shuts everything down. Plus I’m not great at driving in the stuff, and I have to go over multiple bridges and overpasses. But I just really, really need to see my doctor. I NEED him to reassure me that there is hope, even if it’s not for this cycle.

And I wouldn’t mind that from you guys. The internet is so full of horror stories about Lupron ruining your life. Going into the holidays I just really need some hope.



15 thoughts on “The Requisite “Needing Encouragement” Post

  1. Well I can’t pretend to know anything about Lupron, but, there is always hope–especially since your doctor cautioned you that this first cycle would not be productive. I didn’t realize that you had decided against IUI or IVF, did I miss a post about it? XO

      • Oh I understand! I will offer that my OBGYN is doing my monitoring and performing my IUI (very affordably) so I wonder if there may be an OBGYN closer to you that could make IUI an option for you–putting that out there in hopes you find the suggestion helpful (not antagonizing) because I am a person who likes lots of options. XO

      • Oh I understand. My OBGYN has said that he wishes we had a lab in town for the sperm prep because if we did he could do IUI for me affordably. He doesn’t charge me as it is for half my office visits or any of my ultrasounds. The problem is we don’t have a lab so the IF doctors in town have the market cornered-they do all their own lab work :-/

  2. Remember, Luke 1:37 says “for nothing is impossible with God.” I have heard of several people think they didn’t ovulate so thought they were “out” for the month, but come to find out they did get pregnant! So jump your man’s bones and expect great things! 😉

  3. FYI- I needed progesterone to jump start my cycle after my three- month Lupron shot and then surgery. But after that my cycle went back to normal.

  4. Hi! I’m new here- snooping and starting to read your old posts, but had to comment when I saw that you’re restarting after a year-long break- we’re in the same boat. I obviously don’t know much about your situation, but I’m sure that things will pick up speed even if they didn’t last month. Good luck!

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