Before and After Weight Loss

So, I figured it’s time for two things:

1. I’m coming out of the closet. Sort of. I’m not going to broadcast my name/location out there, but I figure if anyone has “found me” that knows me in real life, they have already figured out it’s me. Seeing these pictures isn’t going to be the thing that tips them off. That being said, if you have “found me”, please understand that this blog is so sacred to me. It’s so important to my mental sanity. Sometimes I vent hateful and bitter feelings here. Sometimes I put intimate details about my husband and I’s sex life. So if you’ve found me, please keep it to yourself.

2. I’ve worked my butt off, literally. I’ve lost 53 pounds this year and I’m ready to show you guys the pictures. The after picture isn’t even that great, because the dress I’m wearing in it isn’t form fitting at all-I’m still struggling with that. Chief and I are having pictures made tomorrow so I’ll put some of those up, but I’ve been nervous about them so I thought a before and after post might help boost my confidence. Sometimes I have to go back and look at how I used to look to really appreciate how I look now. Both of the pictures have other people cropped out, which is why they’re close up on me. I didn’t want to get permission from all those folks without revealing to them why I needed it. So without further ado, here is my before (from a wedding last December):


And here is my after (from a wedding last month):

Sammie Wedding

The before is painful for me to look at. I can’t believe I let myself get so big. Hopefully after tomorrow I’ll have a better after picture. I’m still pretty afraid to show my shape in my dresses, so I lean towards empire styles or straight and loose, but in our pictures I’m wearing jeans, which seems to be the most form revealing thing I feel comfortable wearing.

So anyway, that’s me.


18 thoughts on “Before and After Weight Loss

  1. You are one HOT librarian! Seriously. You don’t have to go from hiding yourself to flaunting yourself, but don’t be afraid to show your shape! And may I introduce you to my friend, Spanx, should you feel the need to “smooth” your figure (I wear them under dresses). Congrats! You have nothing to hide! XO

    • Thank you so much! I’m trying to get more confident-this is a step in that direction! The funny thing is that the other day I wanted to feel a little smoother in a slinky fabric top (not revealing, just the kind that clings to every roll, even on skinny people) so I put on my spanx that I had refused to wear all year and all day long I kept having to adjust them-they were too big! At the end of the day I had to take them off before driving to dinner with a friend-I couldn’t stand to be in them anymore! I guess I need to invest in some more but they are sooo expensive.

  2. Well aren’t you just absolutely adorable!! Even if you aren’t feeling it 100%, that after picture oozes confidence and fun. Love it! You go on with your bad self!!

  3. Lady, you look amazing!! You have done such a good job so keep up the good work! I am going to need some of your motivation and hard work to get rid of extra poundage and I hope to kick as much ass as you!

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