Legitimately freaking out

So the nurse from the doctors office (where I got my bloodwork done) called to tell me to come in and do the blood work again “at my convenience” within the next few weeks or so. Apparently they’re concerned about my Calcium levels being elevated. She didn’t say why specifically.

Now guys, I did it. I googled. I saw that my calcium levels were elevated, but I didn’t think anything of it when I first got the test. They were only slightly above normal, and calcium is good for you! My total protein (Creatinine specifically) was also slightly elevated, but again, protein is good. Nothing to worry about right?


High calcium AND high protein are both symptoms of Multiple Myeloma. Also, my lymphocytes were elevated which I thought just meant I was probably fighting a cold, but maybe they’re fighting cancer cells. So now I’m freaking out. Really really freaking out. I wasn’t going to go in until January because the nurse acted so casual about it, but maybe that was to keep me from freaking out-but if they were really worried they’d tell me to come back in immediately, right? RIGHT?!

Also, It says you’re much more likely to get Multiple Myeloma if you’re African American, male, and over 65. I am none of those things. It said it rarely occurs in people under 40. BUT it does happen. So now I’m afraid I’m the exception to the rule. I’m freaking out over nothing right? RIGHT?!

So because I’m having a small panic attack, I scheduled an appointment to redo the labs for next Tuesday, and then I’ll have 5-7 grueling days of waiting to hear back on the test results.

I could just be dehydrated, according to the internet, so let’s all hope for that. I didn’t have any water that morning before I did the blood work, and I haven’t been as good lately about guzzling it since I’ve fallen off my work-out wagon. I’m going to drink water like it’s going out of style. But I’m scared. Anyone know anything? Or work for a doctor and can make him tell us all he knows?


7 thoughts on “Legitimately freaking out

  1. Legit freak out. However, remember the interwebs will always tell you that you’re dying. I’m guessing that you were just dehydrated. I’m sending extra prayers anyway though…just for good measure. Keep us updated!

  2. saying prayers for you but try not to freak out. It wont change anything but make you more miserable. However this is all easier said than done. Psalm 112:7 says, “They will have no fear of bad news; their hearts are steadfast, trusting in the LORD.” It’s my favorite verse during times like these. I pray it gives you peace and hope too.

  3. No honey, you got it all wrong and you do not have cancer. But since you have elevated cholesterol and calcium, you are at a higher risk for a heart attack–that is the indication. This is probably something they’re going to want to “watch and see”, but I would be making major changes to my diet in an effort to avoid medication if possible. I am not a doctor but I am studying to be a nurse and I have a PhD in Google. XO
    Here is an article about it: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/HeartDisease/calcium-scores-best-predictor-heart-attack/story?id=14334633

  4. I know that my husband exercised and drank no water and did a urine and blood draw for work, failed like 4 components, and had to repeat the whole thing. They told him to hydrate before the next one, he did, and everything came back normal! Hopefully this is the same for you!

  5. When I was last in at my clinic, I read a great article in Reader’s Digest about how Dr. Google is making us all hypochondriacs, because we can’t sift through the information to recognize what is probable versus what is a one in a million complication.

    I have totally diagnosed myself from Google before, so I understand your freak out. But I think it will prove to be unwarranted.

  6. I wouldn’t worry too much- if the nurse was concerned, she would have told you to come in the next say. Get hydrated before your next appt and everything will be fine.

  7. This was awhile ago, and maybe it’s resolved, but I know what you mean. I do this all the time. By this point, I’m pretty much a doctor and am confident Google is just my faithful assistant.

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