Let’s Place Bets

You know, preggo’s get to have betting pools done for their due date. I want one for my period.

Here are the facts:

I had surgery on July 1st and got a shot of Lupron at the end of July (pretty sure it was the 24th). I had a period three weeks after the shot. The Lupronw as a three month shot that was supposed to wear off at the end of October. My doctor thought I’d get a period in December, January at the latest. I did two rounds of Prometrium and finished the last one like three weeks or so ago.

So place your bets ladies. I have nothing to give you for winning other than a big thumbs up, because someone winning means that my freaking period finally showed up. And I will be really happy once that day comes.

In other news, Chief and I got an unexpected ice day at home yesterday. Much lazing about happened, which unfortunately resulted in a serious lack of sleep for me last night. I’m struggling through the day now and will be happy to be reunited with my bed tonight. Coffee is helping though. Tomorrow I go to the State Library for an early literacy workshop which should be fun-it’s nice to mix it up occasionally. And I get to leave at 4:30 which is also fun. Lots of time to play my work out game when I get home. My legs are dying today-the work out I like doing most (the wall kicking and punching one) involves lots of squats when you get to the advanced level-the deeper the squat the higher the points. So yeah, my legs are telling me about it.

Tomorrow night Chief has to spend the night at work. He’s working until midnight and then has to be back at 4:00 am for resiliency training, so he opted to just sleep there rather than waste time driving home and back-plus he doesn’t want to wake me up coming in at midnight and leaving at 3:30 am. So he’s just going to crash at the base. I’ll miss him, but I can’t say I’m not happy for the sleep.

Signing off for now. Have a happy Womb Wednesday.


6 thoughts on “Let’s Place Bets

  1. I love the Valentine’s Day idea…cause it’s true. Always the worst of times, or when it is completely unexpected and unplanned for. It’s weird to say, but hoping for AF to bless you with her presence đŸ˜‰

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