Liebster Award Pt 1


Mrs. MLACS nominated me for a Liebster. I won’t lie-I’m not always great about following through on these things. I’m always so honored to be chosen, but we know I’m a sporadic blogger at best. But not today bloggy friends! Not today. So, onward:

1. What is your middle name? Kelly. It’s my dad’s middle name, and his dad’s middle name, and it was HIS mom’s maiden name. She came over from Ireland. Kelly is sort of a thing there.

2. When did you get married? October 22, 2011. Best Day Ever, despite a lot of family drama.

3. Favorite event in the Winter Olympics? Ice skating, for sure. I took figure skating as a kid-I was never wonderful, but I was ok. I still wish I had stuck with it, but in my defense, short and busty is not aerodynamic.

4. Best thing about summer? Ummm…air conditioning? I’m not a summer girl. I’m all about spring and fall. But that could be from living in a deep south state that for some reason has freezing winters along with broiling summers.

5. Favorite TV Series? Oh gosh, this is hard. Favorite of all time is definitely Gilmore Girls. I’m a big fan of Mad Men and Big Bang Theory as well. Anything food network. New Girl is great. Yeah, I watch too much TV.

6. Favorite music artist from the 70′s? Carole King. Fo’sho.

7. Favorite movie from the 1990′s? Little Women, Winona Ryder version. I had the music in our wedding 🙂

8. Why do you blog? It started because I didn’t feel comfortable talking about my IF in real life, and blossomed into a wonderful community life that is as important to me as my real life.


Ok, here’s where I get really lazy. I have to be asleep in about 20 minutes (so ain’t happenin’ but I’m going to try), so give me until tomorrow to nominate folks? We can call this Liebster Part 1. Honestly I would nominate all of you if I had the patience that Mrs. MLACS does to put all the links in my blog. But I don’t. Not even a little.


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