SnoHMYGOD 2014 has struck UPDATED

The snow started around 5:00 and this picture was taken around 8:00.

All I have to say to the “meteorologists” is this:

Does THAT look like one inch of snow to YOU?!


And it’s falling for another four hours at least…


Ok, I just posted this five minutes ago, but I also just went to the bathroom and had EWCM. WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MEAN? I mean, okay, I know what it means. BUT HOW?!

I don’t understand my life, but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.


5 thoughts on “SnoHMYGOD 2014 has struck UPDATED

      • I’m fairly certain we do live in the same area. No worries – I have no idea who you are (beyond this blog, of course). But after reading several weather posts, etc., I’ve concluded we both live in the same vicinity. I’m a teacher, and I was THRILLED to go home early today! I’m sorry you ended up with all our kiddos!

  1. Also, when/if it comes to that, I’ve got VERY definite opinions about the ONLY local fertility clinic. Email me and I will fill you in on my experience. We ended up using someone in The Major Metropolis to the east. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Maybe you’ll get one of those blizzard babies everyone is always talking about!! Bodies seem to surprise us sometimes.. Hell I actually ovulated this month (according to my temp chart) and that’s the first time in like 4 cycles (7 months). Of course I would O the cycle before we start meds… WTH?

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