Fake Snow Days, Non-Existant Test Results, and a Librarian in Serious Need of a Nap

It. Is. Friday.

I’m marching in an endless stream of exhaustion to the finish line. I’m going to make it, but being an adult means being your own cruel task master sometimes.

We have had a ridiculous amount of “snow” in the last few days. And by ridiculous I mean we’ve hardly had any, yet the whole town is freaking out. We had a mere dusting yesterday and today they’re saying around 7:00 pm we have a 30% chance of light snow showers that will end by 2:00 am Saturday morning. But all the schools have closed. Seriously. They all closed between 1:00 and 2:00 pm. So now I have a library full of kids whose parents KNOW that we’re not getting any snow until later, so yeah. I’m cranky. And sleep deprived. And cranky.

I also am having one of those days where I mess up everything I do at least once. Even typing this post has been an exercise in spell check and backspacing. Again, it’s got to be lack of sleep. I almost ended up in a puddle of sobs on the floor of my office when I put together a spreadsheet for our stats that are due on Monday and then closed it without saving. WHO DOES THAT?! Me apparently. Luckily Microsoft has a vested interest in me not hurling my computer against a wall (at no fault of it’s own) and has made it super easy to recover files now. And I’ve messed up our desk schedule more times than I can count today.

But what I’m most cranky about is that Chief finally had his sperm test done (the real one, not the prostate exam) last Thursday and we STILL haven’t gotten results. They told us we’d hear from them by this past Monday. He has had to call every day this week. They told him today they were still waiting for the doctor to review them and then they’d call us today. At this point they could have just sent them to me and I could have reviewed them my own damn self. or my OBGYN probably knows enough to have done it and he’s TIMELY about these things. It’s so frustrating. And uncalled for. But the ironic thing is that my OBGYN is a man and Chief’s Urologist is a lady. How many female urologist’s can there be in this world? I mean, who would sign up for that?

And so now all I want is my nap and my Friday night burrito, both of which are at least four hours away. Between now and then I’ll be wrangling teenagers who are acting like maniacs because they’ve gotten out of school for NO REASON whatsoever.

But it’s Friday. Fridayfridayfridayfriday. I can do this. Just keep swimming. Something.


Liebster Award Pt 1


Mrs. MLACS nominated me for a Liebster. I won’t lie-I’m not always great about following through on these things. I’m always so honored to be chosen, but we know I’m a sporadic blogger at best. But not today bloggy friends! Not today. So, onward:

1. What is your middle name? Kelly. It’s my dad’s middle name, and his dad’s middle name, and it was HIS mom’s maiden name. She came over from Ireland. Kelly is sort of a thing there.

2. When did you get married? October 22, 2011. Best Day Ever, despite a lot of family drama.

3. Favorite event in the Winter Olympics? Ice skating, for sure. I took figure skating as a kid-I was never wonderful, but I was ok. I still wish I had stuck with it, but in my defense, short and busty is not aerodynamic.

4. Best thing about summer? Ummm…air conditioning? I’m not a summer girl. I’m all about spring and fall. But that could be from living in a deep south state that for some reason has freezing winters along with broiling summers.

5. Favorite TV Series? Oh gosh, this is hard. Favorite of all time is definitely Gilmore Girls. I’m a big fan of Mad Men and Big Bang Theory as well. Anything food network. New Girl is great. Yeah, I watch too much TV.

6. Favorite music artist from the 70′s? Carole King. Fo’sho.

7. Favorite movie from the 1990′s? Little Women, Winona Ryder version. I had the music in our wedding 🙂

8. Why do you blog? It started because I didn’t feel comfortable talking about my IF in real life, and blossomed into a wonderful community life that is as important to me as my real life.


Ok, here’s where I get really lazy. I have to be asleep in about 20 minutes (so ain’t happenin’ but I’m going to try), so give me until tomorrow to nominate folks? We can call this Liebster Part 1. Honestly I would nominate all of you if I had the patience that Mrs. MLACS does to put all the links in my blog. But I don’t. Not even a little.

Let’s Place Bets

You know, preggo’s get to have betting pools done for their due date. I want one for my period.

Here are the facts:

I had surgery on July 1st and got a shot of Lupron at the end of July (pretty sure it was the 24th). I had a period three weeks after the shot. The Lupronw as a three month shot that was supposed to wear off at the end of October. My doctor thought I’d get a period in December, January at the latest. I did two rounds of Prometrium and finished the last one like three weeks or so ago.

So place your bets ladies. I have nothing to give you for winning other than a big thumbs up, because someone winning means that my freaking period finally showed up. And I will be really happy once that day comes.

In other news, Chief and I got an unexpected ice day at home yesterday. Much lazing about happened, which unfortunately resulted in a serious lack of sleep for me last night. I’m struggling through the day now and will be happy to be reunited with my bed tonight. Coffee is helping though. Tomorrow I go to the State Library for an early literacy workshop which should be fun-it’s nice to mix it up occasionally. And I get to leave at 4:30 which is also fun. Lots of time to play my work out game when I get home. My legs are dying today-the work out I like doing most (the wall kicking and punching one) involves lots of squats when you get to the advanced level-the deeper the squat the higher the points. So yeah, my legs are telling me about it.

Tomorrow night Chief has to spend the night at work. He’s working until midnight and then has to be back at 4:00 am for resiliency training, so he opted to just sleep there rather than waste time driving home and back-plus he doesn’t want to wake me up coming in at midnight and leaving at 3:30 am. So he’s just going to crash at the base. I’ll miss him, but I can’t say I’m not happy for the sleep.

Signing off for now. Have a happy Womb Wednesday.

It’s never coming back

My period.

Clearly, I’m done. Never to have a period again.


My last period was in AUGUST. My lupron was supposed to wear off in October. I was supposed to have a cycle by January. At the very least,  I was supposed to bleed after the SECOND round of prometrium. And my doctor is just flummoxed. And I don’t blame him-what in the name of menstruation is happening? Besides nothing?

In the mean time, I’m afraid to do anything. I’m afraid take a sick day (which I had to do last week because of a cold) because at any moment my uterus could cripple me. I’m afraid to work out because maybe working out is keeping my cycle away. I’m just waiting. I still feel some very cyst-like activity on my left side but it’s still not super bad like last time. If I still feel it by the end of next week I’ll call the office and see if they’ll get me in to look at it, and while I do have new health insurance and would just love to take it for a spin, I’m exhausted of going into that office with more bad news. They’re probably going to think I’m making myself sick or something-like Munchhausens. Is it possible to give yourself ovarian cysts? Is it possible to somehow will your uterine lining to never, ever shed?

Despite being afraid to work out, I sucked it up and did. I feel like visiting my doctor’s office is inevitable this month, and I don’t want to be heavy. Plus, I had a really good thing going last year, and I don’t want to lose that. I checked out Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 Kinect from the library and gave it a spin tonight and I really enjoyed it. I got to punch walls (which helped with my aggression) and it had some jump rope sequences that got my heart rate really going. I enjoyed it enough that I ordered my own copy from Amazon. It has a lot more exercises for me to work through and everything is very goal oriented, which is good for me. I like having things to strive for. It even has some yoga segments that I should probably  give a shot. Because, you guys know, that if we all just RELAX then everything will be fixed.

But I kid.

Any advice for coaxing a reluctant uterus to dance around in it’s birthday suit for a few days? AKA get naked? AKA just freaking bleed?