That time the not-a-phlebotomist almost killed me…

Just to get something out of the way, thanks for all the support on my last few posts. I really appreciate it. I’m not in a great place with my family right now. Nothing more has really happened, I’m just taking that much needed space and not going to let them consume my thoughts (or blog posts) right now. Moving on:

I did it bleeps. I did it. I went to see Dr. T. It was sort of anticlimactic. I saw him for a few minutes, during which he was wearing a fancy pullover with the logo of his clinic emblazoned on it (this just seems weird to me-I mean, he spent enough on it that I assume he wears it outside of the clinic. It just seems weird) and he was all “So you still want to have a baby, right?” and I was like. “Um. Yeah.” It was a weird question. Anyway, he said he wanted to do blood work and I said ok, and he said “Now when was the last time you had any sort of bleeding?” and I said “August” and he said “AUGUST?!?!” And I said “….I don’t think I’ve kept that a secret or anything”. I was confused by his shock.

At any rate, he sent me across the hall to get blood work done. He’s having TSH, FSH estradiol, prolactin, and progesterone checked just to see where we are. Chief and I have an appointment on Tuesday to check the results.

The real drama is that the not-a-phlebotomist almost killed me. Maybe.

This girl seemed nice and friendly-but also nervous. She’s running a one woman operation. She does all of the insurance and billing, check in, and blood drawing. She seemed sort of scatterbrained, but I chalked it up to her being busy. She had a patient behind me. I always warn phlebotomists and nurses that my veins suck. I said to her “Every phlebotomist I’ve ever known has told me I have rolly-polly veins” and she said “Oh I’m actually a medical technologist. I started to go to school for phlebotomy and it was too hard.”

I didn’t think too much of this. I mean, I felt certain that she was appropriately vetted by whoever hired her. So anyway, She starts getting everything ready and has a hard time with the needle stick. And it HURT. More than any other stick I’ve had, but once it was in it was in. It took her a long time to get the right amount of blood out, but that’s not something unusual for me. I have weird veins. Then all of a sudden I start feeling warmth on my arm and I look down and a pretty decent amount of blood is running down my arm.

To my credit I didn’t freak out. I just said “Oh my…” and she said “Oops! I overfilled that one! Let me just clean that up…” To which she proceeded to take tiny alcohol swabs and painstakingly clean the stream of blood off my arm. She had to have gone through six of them. I really wanted to just go to the bathroom and rinse off at that point. Then she had to clean it off of the arm rest thingy. I’m so glad I wore a black dress today.

I don’t know-the whole thing just sort of bothers me. I mean, that’s my blood, and my body. Obviously I’m fine, but I just expect better from my healthcare providers and it’s alarming that the people who hire those providers don’t have the same rigorous standards that I do.

On the downside, my weight was up just a tiny bit. Nothing I wasn’t expecting considering I’ve been on a steroid pack, eaten everything in sight, and spent the majority of the last few months huddling under a blanket crying out “Is it over?!” in regards to winter.

Tomorrow the Captain and I have a day of training to attend off site. I’m picking her up bright and early (which she hates). After that we’re going to go and paint pottery and then retire to our favorite burrito establishment. Should be a good day.

I’ll let you know what I find out on Tuesday.


4 thoughts on “That time the not-a-phlebotomist almost killed me…

  1. Ugh, so annoying to bleed all over the place! Can you request next time that the doctor do it? Just explain to him that you have wonky veins and it will go much faster and smoother if he can do it. And if he pushes back, maybe mention that last time it was a little messy…

  2. That just doesn’t sound okay. One time this guy poked me a few times, couldn’t get my blood out, and even made it hurt a lot. It’s usually easy to get my blood. But with blood dripping? Not okay.

  3. Well that doesn’t sound good at all!!! Hubs is a Medic, I might make him go with me to all appts and do the sticking if the person looks like they’ll suck at it.

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