Let’s Get This Party Started

So yesterday was “CD 2”. Quotation marks because it wasn’t really. I haven’t bled since August, but Dr. T told me to go ahead and just start the letrozole on a hypothetical “CD 2”, so that’s what we’re doing. Last time I took letrozole he had me start on CD 3, which is interesting. But again, since I’m living in a cycleless state anyway it really doesn’t matter. I’m technically starting on cycle day 200 something. Geez.

So I took the letrozole, along with my Zyrtec and melatonin, and then had that feeling like one of the pills was in the back of my throat. Not going down. And then I started to feel all nervous, because what if it didn’t absorb properly? Then what? So I drank way too much water before bedtime and of course had to stumble to the bathroom at 2:00 am, at which point I knew getting up early and working at the law firm wouldn’t happen so I turned off my early alarm and got a few more hours of sleep. Quite honestly I still feel a little like I have a pill stuck in my throat, but I’ve eaten breakfast so that can’t be true.


I go back next Thursday for a “CD 10” ultrasound. I’m not eliminating quotation marks until I KNOW I’ve ovulated. I have to be skeptical for my own protection. Ever since my appointment on Tuesday my stomach has been in knots. I’m going to have to do meditation or something to move past this negative feeling. I have to work on Saturday as well, which always makes me a little cranky going into the weekend. It’s not like it’s anything knew, and I used to have to work a lot more saturdays than I do now, but for some reason I’m having a hard time having a good attitude about it. I’m sort of having a hard time having a good attitude about anything. But I did work out Tuesday night and that helped. I’m getting off work at 4:30 pm today and plan on going again this afternoon. Friday the Captain has to go out of town to see her sick grandfather, so I’m going to get my burrito to go and veg out, and then just try to make it through Saturday without being a grump.

I woke up this morning mentally asking my ovaries if they were waking up yet. I really hope they don’t turn out to be total duds.

Sorry for my lack of funny lately. It’ll come back. I hope.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Get This Party Started

  1. I hate that feeling of having a horsepill stuck in the back of your throat and it just never seems to go away! Let’s hope CD”10″ u/s shows something happening in there!

  2. I have extreme pill taking anxiety. It’s embarrassing. I usually have to do it in a different room if other people are around because I have to tilt my head back a bunch of times. Obviously small pills aren’t an issue, but the prenatal is always giant.

    I’m also having a hard time with my attitude lately. It sucks.

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