Breaking up with Bread

For a week. I’m going to try anyway. I’m going to try to eat as few bread products as possible until next Saturday and see if I lose weight, if I feel better, if it helps enough to try to continue with it.

I’m not perfect so I’m not going to say absolutely no bread product of any kind. On Wednesdays we eat pasta, so that’s probably still going to happen. I eat dinner with my family twice a week as you know, so if my gramma is serving lasagna I’m not going to refuse to eat it because that would make her sad. But breakfast and lunch and most dinners are within my control so I’m saying goodbye to sandwiches, cereals, granola bars, fiber one brownies, pastas, crackers, pizza (the thing I’m saddest about), and anything else bready during those meals for the next week. I have a bread belly, and I sort of hate it. I really started to tally it up and it’s amazing how much carby crap I eat, especially since Chief went to nights.

I’m not going carb free by any means. I’m still eating tons of fruit and veggies, and I have some chicken today for lunch that has a light breading on it. I will probably still eat my skinny cow ice creams occasionally when I feel like it. But cutting back on the highly processed and bleached flour has to make a difference. The saddest part is that Chief just bought me a big box of rice krispie treats, because I LOVE them. I’m hoping if I can sort of detox this next week then I can occasionally let myself have something like that as a treat without completely falling off the wagon. I was able to do that with Coke (although I didn’t have any for a year before I got to that point).

Yesterday was “CD 4” and day 3 of letrozole. This morning going to the bathroom I could DEFINITELY feel some pain on my left side. It was pretty strong. It felt better after a hot bath though, so nothing unmanageable, and it’s good to feel something. I’m holding out hope for that CD 10 ultrasound on Thursday. I need to have them call in my trigger shot next week too, because the pharmacies around here don’t keep that kind of thing on hand. Today is Saturday at work and I’m counting on six o’clock to come quickly.


5 thoughts on “Breaking up with Bread

  1. I find restricting myself to whole grain breads works really well. They just don’t taste as good, so I don’t eat nearly as much of them. Not tasty French bread or normal bagels – just nasty whole grain bagels. But it still allows me some bread which is easier than going cold turkey, and you have options are restaurants.

  2. Good luck! You can totally do it. I’ve been gluten-free for two weeks now. I have the occasional craving, but I just keep nuts or cheese nearby and it takes care of it pretty quick. I definitely feel better eating this way. I haven’t had the after-lunch slump that I thought was just a normal part of life. I do miss pizza though!

  3. Good luck! I am also going to be giving up white bread, but will still eat whole grain, and maybe sourdough on occasion (my favorite).

  4. It could’ve been total coincidence, but as soon as I gave up gluten I got pregnant, repeatedly. I followed the Wheat Belly diet specifically, during fertility treatments. Good Luck!

  5. yay!! processed white bready things are EVIL!!! Well ok, maybe not, but they make my tummy fat so I think they are! Go with whole grains if you’re struggling!!

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