Thanks Today Show, THANKS.

The Today Show is what I watch first thing in the morning. I get my news, I get my Matt Lauer (an important part of my day, let me assure), I get some not so serious but still informative and interesting reports. Bing bang boom-I’m ready to go.

This morning I woke up at 7:30. Chief turned the today show on by 7:40, and within a minute of watching they show footage of Savannah Guthrie announcing at her wedding this past weekend that she’s four months pregnant.

I’m not normally a pregnancy begrudger. I only begrudge pregnancy to mean people, and I don’t really begrudge Savannah. But really? First thing Monday morning after taking my last letrozole dose last night? That just seems uncalled for.

Speaking of letrozole, here’s the scoop:

My boobs hurt some, so maybe I have more than .08 progesterone now

I have to pee a lot more than normal. Especially in the middle of the night. It’s a bummer.

My left ovary is particularly achey first thing in the morning.


This is “CD 7”. It is day three of no bread products which I’d just like to say is going really well. After just one day I had dropped 3.5 pounds. And I’d even eaten full fat ice cream. I know a lot of that is water, but it’s exactly what I was hoping for. I feel like I’m getting rebalanced. Today for lunch I had sriracha tuna salad that I made my very own self with carrot sticks, yogurt, applesauce (unsweetened), an apple, some nuts, and a piece of cheese. Plenty to make me feel satiated. I’m going to do a porkchop for dinner with carats and brocolli and cheese on the side, but before that a visit to the gym. It was hard to watch Chief chomping down on a rice krispie treat yesterday, but I am holding my resolve! No bread products until Sunday. I’m even giving up Wednesday night pasta in favor of having burritos on Friday. Burritos are more important to me than pasta, any day of the week.

That’s all I’ve got for Monday. I’m outie 5000.


5 thoughts on “Thanks Today Show, THANKS.

  1. I felt the same way about it! I just sat there thinking what a lucky b**** she was, being 42 and all…I guess I don’t know the whole story, but it seems like it was not an infertility story…

  2. I don’t know. I might just be a pessimist (or maybe a conspiracy theorist), but I have a hard time believing 42 year olds just up and get pregnant. Just like how celebrities keep having twins. That’s got embryo transfer written all over it.

  3. Good for you on not eating bread! And wow… 3.5lbs is pretty awesome, even if it is just water weight. Here’s to hoping you stay strong until burrito friday 🙂

  4. Yay for 3.5 lb!! Any small weight loss is bloody awesome, even if there was some water involved 😉 Also, whatever all the preggos out there. I just saw on fb a gal that keeps talking about how she just can’t wait until her due date, that making babies takes so long. No kidding.

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