Riddle Me This Riddle Master…

Why doesn’t Ovidrel give me false positives on HCG tests? I’ve taken one before and it didn’t, and I just took a test and no second line again. My nurse injected it in my lower abdomen as instructed, but does this mean it’s not working? I got the shot at 9:30 in the morning and took the test around 8:00 pm. Whats the deal with that?

UPDATE: I went back and looked at the test and there is an oh so tiny line. Perhaps an evap. I have no idea what this means.


10 thoughts on “Riddle Me This Riddle Master…

  1. You may need a higher dose. With two of my IVF cycles I was instructed to take the trigger, then take a pregnancy test in the morning to make sure it had taken effect. I took 10,000 iU’s and both times I got a positive reading the next day. What is your dose?

    • The test this morning is stronger but still a faint line. I’m using cheapie wondflos so it would probably show up better on an frer. Nevertheless I don’t think I’ll have to worry about false positives when I test later in the cycle. I just hope I actually do ovulate :-/

  2. Not sure. I don’t even get positives on OPKs even after medical confirmation of ovulation. My acupuncturist told me her mother never tested positive for pregnancy when she was clearly pregnant. I used to think that show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant was ridiculous, but maybe it’s a real thing….

  3. Ok. Guess what? My trigger shot didn’t register on a test either. I had to wake up at 3:-5 to do the shot, which was awkward because I was half asleep. This morning I took a test to see if it worked. No positive. Ugh! What does that mean? You had a nurse do yours, right? So she probably did it correctly.

    • Yeah I had a nurse do mine, and I believe I ovulated sometime in the night which would be around 40 hours past trigger, so it is hopefully working the way it’s supposed to. Keep faith! Did you do the 250 mcg Ovidrel?

      • I am the 10,000 pregnyl. Keeping faith is hard. Why won’t it show up on the test? What do I have to do to get a positive test around here?

      • The 10,000 I would think would show up-maybe it needs more time? What did you test with? I ended up getting some really faint lines on the wondflos but I bet it would have been stronger on a frer. I just don’t want to waste those.

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