This will be the worst two week wait



Guys, I’m so freaked out because I feel SO POSITIVE about this cycle. Chief and I have been talking about Kraken like it’s already a real baby, as opposed to a follicle that may or may not fertilize and then may or may not implant. It’s terrible. I feel excitement in my belly every time I think about it. That roller coaster swooping feeling. This is bad because if this cycle goes bust I am going to be so. disappointed.

Logically I keep telling myself that even if I don’t get pregnant on this cycle we have FINALLY hit on the combination of drugs that seems to work for me. 5.0 Femara days 2-7 and 250 mcg of ovidrel between CD 10-13. That’s positive. The chances of getting pregnant on 3-4 rounds of femara are so much higher than Clomid. It’s not unreasonable to think that I could be pregnant by July.

I just want it so much. I had stopped letting myself believe that it could ever happen and now when things are working and our timing is so spot on right (We had intercourse Thursday night, Saturday morning and Sunday morning and it seems that I ovulated Saturday night/Sunday morning in my sleep) I want to believe SO. MUCH.

I just don’t want to be sad in two weeks.

Also, my birthday is on Friday. I’m glad I won’t be able to test by then, but hoping for a really, really good late birthday present.


15 thoughts on “This will be the worst two week wait

      • Right? It’s the worst! I think that timing is enough for a lot of folks and if not this one, it will be the next! My hopes are on this one though! And I love “release the Kraken!” Perfect for induced ovary explosion:)

      • Lol thanks. I have such high hopes but at the same time I feel like if it had worked id be feeling something, even though I know I wouldn’t. It just doesn’t seem like something as monumental as conception could pass by without a feeling.

  1. We’re in the same two week wait. You can come help me paint my house if you want to get your mind off it. 😉
    I keep saying that at least I’m trying something, and at least I have a follicle, and so I should be excited about that. But I know I’ll cry if this isn’t it. This is the last RE sponsored cycle we can afford for a long time. A lot is riding on it.

    • I understand feeling like you are at the end. I’ve been there before. The good news is that it wasn’t really the end. But again, I totally get it. And I would definitely help you paint if I thought you were close by! my boss might miss me at work though. She has this blog link so hopefully she can help keep me nice and distracted.

  2. Aww, I totally understand how you feel, I have been heartbroken after cycles that I was really positive about, it is the worst! I hope you don’t feel that this time, you should get your belated birthday present!!!

  3. Sending all kinds of prayers your way! That was my drug combo as well 🙂 We were doing IUI but we got a beautiful follicle both times on that drug combo and the second time took. Here’s to as fast of a 2ww as possible!! xoxo

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