CD 15, 2 DPO

So of course subtle boob nudging has begun. You know, to see if they’re tender or not yet. Allegedly it’s too early for that, but seeing as how I’m paranoid that I didn’t really ovulate the boob nudging shall continue.

Also, I’ve had to take a step back from ovulation tests. I can’t stop peeing on skinny plastic things. Frankly my toothbrush was starting to look nervous. It doesn’t help that last night an FRER OPK looked pretty damn positive. But that could be from the HCG shot. Right? Right.

Must stop peeing on things. Must stop peeing on things. MUST STOP PEEING ON THINGS.

Still feeling subtle twinges, mostly in the morning, so that also fills me with doubt.

I went to bed early last night and slept hard, but still woke up exhausted. I had a really hard time getting out of bed. This is pretty unlike me. Yesterday I also wanted to eat everything bad for me (and sort of did, confession!), so those could both be signs of post ovulation, or it could be eating my feelings from a rough work day.

Maybe I’ll go pee on a thing-NO, MUST STOP PEEING ON THINGS.

I could go on My Strange Addiction y’all. Forealsies.


3 thoughts on “CD 15, 2 DPO

  1. I gave up on OPK’s so if you break down, I’ll mail you my giant bag free of charge. I just temp now and track all the yummy stuff like CM and CP.

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