The Facts

1. I triggered on Friday Morning around 9:15 am
2. I had positive OPK’s Friday night and several times on Saturday. Basically every OPK I took was positive until…
3. I woke up and had what I thought was a negative OPK on Sunday morning, leading me to believe I had ovulated Saturday night into Sunday. I had several negative OPK’s on Sunday, Chief confirmed, but the lines WERE fairly dark. I at least I thought they were negative. Maybe I’m crazy.
4. Up until Monday I had been using Wondflo’s, which can be difficult to read under the best of circumstances.
5. On Monday I took a FRER Ovulation test that looks overwhelmingly positive even though the second line is maybe half a shade lighter. I wrote it off at the time as probably just my trigger shot messing with me, but if that’s the case I never should have had negatives on Sunday right-if that’s what they were?
6. Most of my cramping stopped Sunday and I now (still) just have twinges. This morning I had twinges on the left as usual and a weird tugging feeling on the right.
7. ALLEGEDLY I am at CD 16 and 3 DPO.
8. I did not take any ovulation tests yesterday because I didn’t really see a point and I’m trying to not drive myself crazy.
9. That didn’t stop me from taking one this morning that was overwhelmingly negative, making me feel oh so concerned that I actually ovulated Monday or even Tuesday despite having my trigger shot on Friday.
10. Monday wouldn’t be so bad because we had intercourse on Sunday morning. Tuesday would be bad.
10.5 The internet tells me I shouldn’t have been using OPK’s because of ovidrel causing false +’s. My false +’s on my HCG’s were light, but definitely there-would the HCG shot cause dark false positives on my OPK’s
11. I took a FREAKING. TRIGGER. SHOT. Does $120 out of pocket not guarantee an ovulation between 24 and 48 hours anymore?

I need your thoughts. Possibly your xanax.


12 thoughts on “The Facts

  1. I was not taking OPKs this cycle because I was relying on monitoring and trigger and all that. I have a weird feeling that if I ovulated, it was on Saturday. I did the trigger Sunday. Since the trigger, I have not had any twinges, feelings, tuggings, or even any CM changes. I had all that Saturday.

    I think at this point, all you can do is assume you ovulated in the last two or three days and hope there was some sperm there to meet it.

  2. I never tried taking OPKs after my trigger shots, so I have no idea what you end up seeing on the tests. Honestly, my bet is that you did ovulate on Saturday, the evidence seems pretty strong to me. But, is there a possibility double ovulation this cycle? Even if you did ovulate on Tuesday, your intercourse on Sunday should still be in the right window, right?

    • Yeah, it should be. I just have no faith in ANYTHING EVER. I’m a doubter, and a worrier, but if there is a kraken awaking/burrowing in there I need to remain calm and cool. So that’s what I’m going to do. Maybe.

  3. As to item #10.5: Yes, the hCG trigger shot can cause OPKs to be positive because the chemicals the tests are designed to detect are similar. The darkness of the line doesn’t really matter and can vary based on the amount of dye in each individual testing stick, so I wouldn’t get too hung up on that.

    Also, Tuesday still would be fine if you had intercourse Sunday morning because sperm survive for up to 5 days. You would be well within this window. I wouldn’t worry about this either unless your husband has some diagnosed issue with his sperm creating a problem.

    • Thank you, that helps. From now on I’m going to use all the same brand tests per cycle, OR just not test when i’m doing a trigger. That seems like the better plan. I’m still going to bet on Sunday for O, do you think that’s safe?

  4. OPKs almost always detect HCG because it is chemically very similar to LH. Peeing on sticks after a trigger shot means nothing. But at least now you know it’s mostly out of your system so if you take a pg test in a week it shouldn’t be a false + due to trigger.

      • I’m glad. In a pinch you can use an OPK as a pg test but not the other way around. It was explained to me in lay terms that LH and HCG look just alike chemically speaking but that HCG is wearing ‘a hat.’ OPKs look for the figure without the hat. Pg tests look for the hat.

      • Also…everyone metabolizes the HCG in the trigger shots at different rates. It can take a couple of days or even 2 weeks for it to be gone. If it hangs around long enough it will give you a false + on pg test. Trigger shots screw up all the tests. Some women ‘test out’ the trigger shot with pg tests so they know when it’s gone and subsequent positive would be reliable. That can get expensive though. 😉 Mine was always gone by 8 dpo.

      • Yeah, I tested mine out for a few days. At first it barely showed up and then everytime I tested it got a little darker and started to fade again. It was never super dark, so I’m not at all worried about a false positive at 12 DPO (which is when I plan on testing. Assuming 12 DPO is still when I think it is. Oy). I bet if I tested it out today it would barely be there if it was there at all. Thanks for talking me off that ledge I was on. I ovulated on SUnday. I ovulated on Sunday. That’s going to be my mantra.

  5. I don’t know much about trigger shots but I do know multiple LH surges are common with PCOS, not sure about endometriosis. When I got my BFP I got a positive OPK on CD 12 and then again on CD 14. We believe that the CD14 one was accurate and the CD12 was an LH surge but not an actual ovulation. Keeping my fingers crossed for you dear.

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