CD 17, 4 DPO

The insanity has begun to subside. I am now settled in for the next ten days of this TWW with only mild obsessing and semi constant boob nudging.

My birthday is tomorrow and Chief is remodeling our guest bathroom without my help as part of my gift. Apparently he bought me something as well even though I told him not to. Not having to participate in drywalling, tiling, and plumbing is really all the gift I could ask for. He’s been working on it all week. He very optimistically though he’d have the whole project done by my birthday, but gutting and redoing an entire bathroom is a lot of work for one guy-I’m just thrilled it’s happening at all. Tomorrow he’s working the day shift (!) and we’re going to go see Divergent in the afternoon (!!).

I’ve been having some weird achiness in the general area of my reproductive system. Nothing at all strong, but noticeable. I cleaned some today (first day off work for my mini spring break!) and then I very unguiltily spent most of the day in bed. I can’t decide if I did this because of the achiness or if the achiness is a result of spending most of the day in bed. It’s a chicken or egg thing. I’ve also been pretty exhausted this week and no amount of trying has made me able to stay up and wait for Chief to get off work like I usually do. I’m hoping my nap/bedriddenness today will change that. I’m a night owl big time and I don’t like falling asleep so early.

Other than that nothing new to report. Just hanging around TWWing. Trying not to pass out from toxic Labrador farts. Doing what I do.

Librarian out.


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