CD 21, 8 DPO and Bleeding

An Update to the UPDATE: I haven’t heard from doctor yet, but this is too strong to be implantation bleeding. And here’s the thing I’d forgotten since my last period in August-endometriosis HURTS. I am HURTING. More than a little bit. Wasn’t the point of the surgery to prevent this sort of pain?

UPDATE: bleeding is now bright red. Pretty sure im out. I would now like to hide under my desk and cry.

Not a little bleeding. sort of a lot.

I was feeling crampy this morning, nothing strong, but crampy nonetheless. THen I just got up to go to the bathroom and felt like I was on my period, so I rushed there and there was brown blood. I got myself all cleaned up and borrowed a pad from a coworker and went back and it was significantly lighter, but I don’t know what to think. I realize that this COULD be implantation bleeding, but it feels and looks like a period. If it IS a period, I need to start on letrozole again tomorrow, but if it’s implantation bleeding the letrozole would be very, very bad. So I’ve called Dr. T and await his word. On CD 10 I had great follicles and a great lining, and I always have a 16 day luteal phase (when I have ovulation at least). If this is a period it sort of tells me I didn’t ovulate, either that or my progesterone is way low.

Could I have just one normal cycle? Just ONE?!

Also, anyone have any idea how much implantation bleeding is normal? When should I just scrap it and call it a period?


10 thoughts on “CD 21, 8 DPO and Bleeding

    • I had good follicles and lining on CD 10, triggered on 11, and seemingly o’ed on CD 13. That’s when all the ovary pain went away anyway and would be consistent with trigger shot timing. I don’t know what to think. It seems like too much blood to be implantation but the pain and flow isn’t as heavy as one of my normal periods, but I haven’t really had a normal period since August, so what do I know about it anymore?

      • Lol, I know the one time I had implantation bleeding it thought it was a normal period, put a tampon in and everything. So HOPING this is it for you!

  1. It varies for every person unfortunately. With my chemical pg I had very dark brown to very light pink spotting. It never made it to my underwear, just the toilet paper. With this pregnancy I didn’t have any implantation bleeding. My mother had a ton though. She bled for 3 days and said it was almost as heavy as a period. She actually counted it as her period and didn’t find out she was pregnant until a couple weeks later when she started feeling like shit. I’m interested to hear what your dr. thinks!! Fingers crossed that it’s implantation bleeding!! xoxo

    • It’s so hard to decide what to do as far as the letrozole goes. I want to believe it could be IB and not take the letrozole, but if I don’t take it and it’s not IB then we’re just out for a cycle, and we all know how long cycles can go on when you’re IF. Especially my cycles! It’s all I can do to keep from running to the bathroom every ten minutes. And I have to lead a staff meeting in 10 minutes and I’m sure that’s when the nurse will call.

  2. I am feeling your frustration. Why can’t our bodies just work the way they are supposed to? It’s incredibly frustrating! I wish I knew the answers to your questions, and I’m sorry I don’t, but I hope you get an answer from your doctor’s office soon. In the meantime, I’ll be thinking of you!

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