Two Bits of Good News

1. My doctor is not overly worried about the lump. He believes it is a lipoma which is a tumor, but he says based on the shape and feel and location of it, he fully believes it just a fatty tumor and nothing to be concerned about at this time. He did emphasize that if it gets bigger or harder I need to have it ultrasounded and probably removed. He said that if it was still worrying me which he would find perfectly understandable, that he would go ahead and order an ultrasound, but warned me that the ultrasound doctors will always recommend removing any sort of tumor out of safety. I’m still mulling it over a little, but I’m leaning 98% towards just checking it (he says I don’t need to more than once a month) for size and moving on with my life.

2. I went to the pharmacy to pick up the letrozole and the girl said “Okay, it’s three fifteen” and I said “WHAT?!” thinking it was $315.00. Last time it was $100 which still isn’t thrilling, but obviously $315 would be terrible. In response to my incredulity she said “Yeah, it’s three dollars, fifteen cents” and I said “FOR LETROZOLE?!” and she said “…yeah….for ten of them, right?” and I said “HOLY CRAP!” and then I’m pretty sure she pressed the crazy person button under the counter so I paid and waddled out of there endometriosis-style before the goons could come and get me. The last time I paid for letrozole was before my new insurance under Chief kicked in. I had forgotten about that, so I just expected to pay the same. The lady looked at me like I was crazy when I told her I thought she meant $315.00, but in my defense even stupid CLOMID cost me $17.00. What in the IF world is ever affordable? No one going through this crap that we go through is going to assume that three fifteen means $3.15.

I’m still cramping and bleeding heavily, but the cramping is slightly less than yesterday. I really wanted to work in my yard today but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m trying to not take any more pain killers today unless I have to. My cramps usually get worse as the day goes on, so I’m trying to limit my percocet consumption to possibly just tonight. I really need to feel better by tomorrow. It’s my law firm day as well as my late night at work. So please stop cramps. Please please pretty please.


7 thoughts on “Two Bits of Good News

  1. YES! I’m so glad that your lump was what I had and it is no big deal. 🙂

    Score for inexpensive meds. You are right- when does that happen??

  2. Yay for good insurance!!!!

    I may have missed this, but is your doc checking for ovulation? Either by running progesterone levels or doing an ultrasound? Seems to me like that would really put your mind at ease and let you know if this protocol is working or not.

  3. First, hooray for good news on the lump!

    Second, the letrozole story made me laugh because I had the same experience. I actually called around to different pharmacies when I got mine to compare prices. The place I ended up getting it from told me $3.60. I literally asked them about three times – “Did you say three dollars and sixty cents? For how many of them again? And what dosage?” I just kept asking because it seemed too good to be true. But that’s really what it cost me. I mean, that’s like, basically free! Yay for pleasant surprises in the world of infertility drugs!

  4. yay for not to be worried lump! 🙂 I never considered (as a canadian) that a part of the consideration for ultrasound and getting removed would be cost.
    it sounds like you have a plan, which is great.

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