CD 4 and Feeling Normal

I am happy and surprised to tell you all that my period is over. Just three days. That’s way shorter than I’m used to. Usually I go for around 5, at least four days and a day of spotting. But nope. Clean as a whistle this morning. Maybe that surgery wasn’t for nothing after all. Could starting the letrozole on CD 2 have stopped it early?

Anyway, my hope now is that I’m building a nice and fresh lining in preparation for some mondo eggs and super fast sperm. Please pretty please. Yesterday I had some really bad lower back pain that made the last few hours of work downright uncomfortable. My heating pad was clicked on as soon as I came home and I had dinner in bed, EVEN THOUGH with the return of Mad Men to Netflix I was hoping to eat dinner on the couch and watch it streaming through our XBox. So good intentions there, but inevitably weren’t meant to be.

It’s my work birthday today and sadly the Captain has been felled by a stomach virus her family is passing around, so I’m bummed that she (and the banana pudding she was bringing) won’t be in attendance. But everyone else is making some pretty yummy stuff, so that’s definitely worth looking forward to. And Supreme Boss is stepping in as dessert bringer and bringing a surprise (although she indicated that ice cream would be involved, always a winner). So I feel pretty loved around this place today which makes up for the huge case of the crankies I had this morning when everyone and their momma called in late.

Last night Chief didn’t come to bed until 1:30 am-I had fallen asleep around 9:45 pm so i was pretty out of it, but apparently one of our cats (probably Nate) threw up in the bed on Chief’s side. Chief woke me up while cleaning it and I said “Heywhassamatter” and he said “Nate threw up on MY side of the bed!” and I said “Would you have rather he have thrown up on MY side of the bed?” and he said “….No.” Check and mate.

Last night I took a melatonin before bed and while I did have the crazy dreams, I do think it helped me sleep (Chief waking me up aside), so I guess I need to work it back into my nightly routine ALTHOUGH the ovaboost I’m supposed to start taking before bed allegedly has Melatonin in it, so I might just go with that. I’m not going to lie, I think that I have in my life called natural remedies “hokum” on more than one occasion, but I’m coming around and seeing the light. I’m not sure I’m a believer in acupuncture yet (mainly because I’m afraid of needles and to believe in it would mean I would have to accept it as a possibility in my own life), but there’s a lot of scientific research out there on a lot of the stuff I’m about to start taking saying that it really DOES help. So I’m putting the hokum (and a little bit of my pride) aside. I just wish they didn’t have to name it such stupid stuff…

And, being that it’s only CD 4, that’s all I’ve got.


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