I just watched this….

It did not make me feel better.


4 thoughts on “I just watched this….

  1. Have you triggered at home before? I used to be terrified of needles. By the end of my pregnancy I was taking four shots A DAY. For weeks. Trust me, ovidrel needles are teeny. The first time I had to really really psych myself up to do it, and I left the bathroom laughing my ass off, because I honestly didn’t even feel it. Use an ice pack or a frozen bag if veggies for 3-5 minutes before and I promise you, you won’t feel it.

  2. These videos are silly. I watched the one for the gonal f and just freaked myself out more. Luckily this injection was with a dumb tiny needle so I pinched and then didn’t look and just poked. I think the blind sticking helped!

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