Wherin Librarian Examines Her Self-Destructive Behaviors

Why do I take OPK’s? Why?

Obviously, they’re not that reliable for me. And sometimes, they make me a little crazy.

So why, when I had a plan to trigger in the morning and, ahem, come together with my husband tonight, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, why did I OPK this morning?


Apparently, so I could get a blaringly positive OPK and second guess my plans all day/cycle/life long. And possibly try to attack Chief in his sleep this morning. Which was unsuccessful.

Also, WHY did I stash another one in my purse to take this afternoon?

Let’s look at this rationally:

EVEN IF I’m having an LH surge RIGHT NOW that is legitimately going to lead to ovulation, it doesn’t mean I’m ovulating right now. In fact it means the opposite. Meaning that I still have time to, ahem, get some action tonight and probably cover my bases.

And I probably SHOULDN’T move my trigger shot up from tomorrow morning to tonight-right? Quite honestly the thing that would make me feel the best at this point is if I take another OPK tomorrow with FMU like I did today and have it be positive, because that will just prove that my body is insane and that I should carry on as normal. If it’s negative, well, that’s a whole different story.

The other thing is that I took an OPK three days ago (meaning CD 8-because I’m crazy) and it had a strong line but didn’t look positive, so I chunked it. Well I dug it out of the trash today and it looked almost exactly like the one I took today. Positive. All just proving that my body can NOT be trusted when it comes to OPK’s. And I’m mentally unstable.

That being said, I will probably take the second OPK this afternoon anyway, it will probably show up negative, and I will probably proceed to panic that I’ve missed my window.

Now would be the time to bring in the crisis negotiators.


10 thoughts on “Wherin Librarian Examines Her Self-Destructive Behaviors

  1. Ugh. I HATE OPKs. For what it’s worth, my RE told me to toss all the OPKs since they are unreliable for people with PCOS. (Our hormone levels, particularly LH which OPKs measure, are all out of whack and surge at inappropriate times.) I haven’t been following you long enough to know whether you have PCOS but if so, that may be the problem. This was directly contrary to what my OB suggested, so I wasted many months agonizing (and wasting time and money) over many many false positives. The RE said to trust the ultrasound and trigger shot instead–they are much more reliable than the OPKs. Obviously I am totally unqualified to give advice but that was my experience–and I’ve been so much happier since ditching them!

    • Oh I’m PCOS. And I know I shouldn’t OPK, but again I am certifiable. Insane. I am still thinking about moving my trigger up to tonight just because the timing might be better than tomorrow morning. My OBGYN’s exact words on Tuesday were “Don’t trigger earlier than two days from now, but don’t wait longer than four”, so today being Thursday seems like a day I could potentially trigger on, then allegedly ovulate by Saturday morning, which again, would be ideal. Or at least idealish. But I’m talking about a difference of 12 hours here, so if I wait until Friday I will ovulate by Saturday night. Not that big of a difference. But sort of a big difference. Ugh. See what I mean-I’m driving myself NUTS.

  2. i don’t trust OPK’s and that sucks because when I started this whole ordeal I bought an industrial sized bag of them off Amazon… and now they just sit there.

  3. Stop peeing on things!! OPKs are the devil. They never worked for me. Always told me I was ovulating when I wasn’t. And I’m not PCOS. Save your money for peeing on HPTs instead. Just my $0.02.

  4. I’ve managed to ween myself off OPKs (because they don’t work for me). But I have an app that tracks my period, my alleged fertile days, and I look at it ALL THE TIME. Even when I try not to, I do. I count days. Sex days. Fertile days. It’s a terrible game. I’m out of HPTs and don’t have extra money to drop on the jumbo pack, but rest assured that obsession will kick back in. You’d think after two years I would know better.

  5. Oh, how I loathe OPKs. Absolutely evil. I’m also PCOS but was infertile for basically 6-7 years before they figured that out. Anyway, I’ve always hated them and my current doc said not to bother with them at first, then turned around and made it part of our protocol. So whatever. But they suck.

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