It bothers me

That my Ovidrel false positives are so light. 12 hours past trigger and it’s registering, but barely. It makes me feel like I have too much belly fat for Ovidrel. My BMI is 29.6 but I carry that almost all in my belly. So now I’m paranoid that it’s not absorbing properly. Urg.

On the other hand, my wondflos expired last month (I just used the last one) so maybe they’re not as potent as they were when I bought them two years ago?

In other news, I have been burping and having acid reflux for six+ hours. Constant. Burping.


10 thoughts on “It bothers me

  1. When I had to have the pregnancy test at the gynecologist, two days after the shot, they told me it was a faint line. I was also paranoid it wasn’t absorbing. But I think a faint line is good. I think it means something is running through your veins.

  2. I am pretty sure that I am not (I mean positive) the appropriate weight for my body structure and I never had an issue with the trigger. It has to be systemic because it registered at all though! Those others prolly had a larger dose of HCG likely because they needed more to ovulate. I wont lie though, I never tested the trigger. Do you have a progesterone to check if you did ovulate? How are you feeling?

    • Today I’m not feeling great physically because of the acid reflux. My chest was so tight earlier I was struggling to breathe, and now I can’t stop burping! I’m not doing a progesterone test, but I’m taking added progesterone so I don’t think it would be accurate anyway. Blerg. I’m overthinking EVERYTHING as usual.

  3. I feel like my trigger peaks about 36-48 hours after the shot. I try not to even test it around o time because I don’t want to freak out, so who really knows.

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