I’ve Taken a Big Step

Update: I actually moved my appointment to April 29th at 2:30 pm. Even sooner. Eek.

And made an appointment with an RE.



On May 5 I’m going to see an RE at our academic hospital who is, allegedly, pretty darn good. I’ve been doing a lot of research on my options and I just got a good feeling about this one. It’s a woman, and I haven’t had a female doctor in a while, so that will be a game change. When they asked me on the phone if I had a history of fertility problems I laughed. LAUGHED. Then I told her just a handful of things and she said “Ok, I’m just going to write “extensive history of fertility problems” and we will make sure we get your records sent over…”

I would love to call in two weeks and cancel this appointment, but I knew I wanted to get this appointment on the books. If I waited and in two weeks I had a BFN and then called, well then I’d be waiting until June to see someone. I’m not good at waiting.

Plus, maybe this will be karmic kick in the butt my reproductive system needs to make this cycle work. I’d be lying if I that wasn’t SLIGHT motivation for calling…very slight.


6 thoughts on “I’ve Taken a Big Step

  1. The main reason I’ve put it off is money. I’m really nervous about that aspect of it. My insurance will cover diagnosis and that’s it, and if they have to run a test more than once it is only covered once-per lifetime. Not even per year. So, yeah, the money part scares me. I need to pay as little for diagnosis as possible so we can put our moneys towards treatment.

  2. If you are going where I think you’re going, that’s good. The academic hospital is where I delivered, and the head of obstetrics managed my high-risk pregnancy.

    Whatever you do, do NOT waste precious time or money with the Other Big Fertility Clinic in town. Just don’t. If you want specifics, you can email me (mojoworking@ymail.com). I’ve heard good things about your lady, though I didn’t use her personally. Just remember that you have Options. You do, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

    Sending love.

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