Step away from the internet…and the pineapple core

Yesterday I came around to a sad but not surprising realization that the internet, specifically google, is ruining my peace of mind, sanity, and probably overall wellbeing.

I, however, am not completely blameless in this.

I don’t know if it comes with the territory of having been “trying” to get pregnant for 2.5 years, but I am becoming crazier. Quite literally. I spent most of my Sunday typing on my phone, googling various things. Just a few examples:

“Is it possible to NOT ovulate in 36 hours on Ovidrel?”

“Sharp stabbing pain-ovulation pain?”

“No CM-can I still get pregnant?”

“What is “normal” morphology-8%?”

The list goes on, and on, and on folks. Sadly, I even started looking for tips on implantation.

Here’s the real and honest truth: I can’t do anything about anything right now. I can take care of myself. I can drink my water, take my vitamins and supplements, take my progesterone, and get good amounts of rest, but other than that I don’t HONESTLY believe that I can make a fertilized egg (that may not even exist!) implant.

So why did I almost have Chief pick up a two week supply of fresh pineapple? It’s not because I’ve gone batty (although that’s probably a legitimate concern), it’s because I’ve become desperate. Desperate.

If everything has gone as planned, I am 2DPO. I have 10 days until I think a test will legitimately show anything, although what do I know-I’ve never been pregnant. Maybe mine would show at 10 DPO, or 11 DPO.

But the honest to goodness truth is that I can’t do anything to change what’s going to happen. And I need to take a step back from the internet, the pineapple core, and all the other insanity. And to be honest, don’t we all?


5 thoughts on “Step away from the internet…and the pineapple core

  1. The first search item you posted? I searched for the same thing after my first ovidrel injection! I also have googled variations of your other ones too… Trying for so long DOES make you crazier. I google everything which is so bad. My RE and the RE nurses told me every time they called with some kind of update or result to “NOT GOOGLE” – I never listened. It’s never easy to just let it all go and let the pieces fall where they may but it really is for the best. Good luck girl! Thinking of you!

  2. Oh lord! This is so me! I did the pineapple core and bromelain supplements! I google everything I can think of during a cycle and then the next cycle google it all again (as if the answers have changed) just to help get through the days. Like you mentioned I am desperately trying to find some sort of control over something that is ultimately out of my hands. Good luck!

  3. I have done the pineapple core thing and if we have to go to doing IUI’s again, I probably will do it again. The taste wasn’t bad but it did get stuck in my teeth. I figure it can’t hurt though so I will do it again if we don’t get pregnant naturally this next month.

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